Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sketches Oh My!

Sketches and I fight a bit. I like a nice one page sketch especially one you can add a photo or two and they still work. It always seems like the story I want to tell requires maybe one more photo than their sketch or needs to be laid out a bit differently. But that is the fun part, how to make what they want you to use into something you can use to tell your story.

Now, I have always been big on two page layouts for bigger events. I'm a progressive scrapper, which means I work from current photos pretty much. I have taken recently to trying to use a sketch with them. There is where the fighting comes in. The whole process is a bit too calm and orderly. There is no wild glimmermisting. In fact, the hot glue gun doesn't even come out.

Plus, I had to make two sets of pages, because I wanted to share one set with my SIL who was visiting with her kids when she took these photos. I haven't subjected her to any of my crazier pages with paint and splatter yet calm and orderly was the name of the game.

However, I will say the hard part of photo placement is done when you use a sketch. Perhaps that is my problem. I like to make things a wee more complicated and with a sketch and the correct sizes to's not hard at all.

Head on over to Sketch Support if you want to check out their offerings.

I did resort to some techniques though that cheered up the kid in me that wanted a bit more!

My title rests on a stencil I made from the splash I cut out. And on the actual splash I did use some glimmermist and also that clear crackle glaze. My pages did a get a bit brighter shade of misting as well. (yes, that is dragon fly, the color on my ceiling, which you will probably agree is a lovely color!)

Out of the four pages I made, I must admit the part I love the most, is this Tattered Angel stencil I cut out for a sun AND this shark chasing the fish! I only had one shark to cut out and one little fish, so my SIL got that on her pages since she had more room!

The paper I used on all these pages was from Fancy Pants Design. I LOVE that striped paper!! It's called Hawaiian Stripes and I wish I had another sheet! Do I hear another trip to Canada?

Oh and by the way, I had so many funny comments and confessions about misplaced glimmermist! I really feel like I'm in good company! I do think for the most part it does wash off...depending on where it lands!


  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh this is BEAUTIFUL! I loveeeeeeeeeee the photos...and loving those waves! :):):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. Hi again.. i love these layouts.. and the fish chasing the little fish that is gorgeous.. sometimes if i have a paper with something on it that i want to cut out and i only have one page, i will photo copy it and cut out the photocopy.. not sure how legal it is, but i have done that before and so i have still got the special paper to use again...just thought i would share.. take care.. (glimmermist forever!!!)

  3. This is an amazing layout, love the waves, thanks for all the blog love recently, I appreciate it x

  4. What a stunner of a 2 page layout! Not a 2 page girl myself but you have done a great job & I agree that glimmermisted sun is the piece de resistance of the entire layout....also must tell you there is good news for you on Tink's my friend have been on a lucky streak today!


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