Thursday, August 11, 2011


Just to be perfectly clear here...I thought I should just give some disclaimers about myself...every now and again I see a new follower and it scares me. I mean, I know it's not because I know what I'm doing. goes!

1) I have dragon fly glimmermist on my ceiling (and yes, the hubby knows, and no, I can't wipe it off, we have those sparkly textured ceilings they love here in the North County, not my choice!)

2) Yes, there are sparkles on my textured ceiling in my house. The normal side of me thinks it's terrible, but the scrapper in me is like OH GLITTER!

3) I have to move paintbrushes off my bathroom sink to clean it. (Well, it's not like my scraproom has a sink, yet!)

4) I went on-line today to buy $4 worth of velvet flowers and ended up with some Tim Holtz and spent WAY more than that...BUT, I got free shipping!

5) I have bought paper before and then set up photos of my kids so they would "match" it.

6) I am more likely to burn myself with a hot glue gun than on my stove.

7) My fingers are perpetually sticky from spray adhesive or blue from that dragon fly glimmermist, which by the way is really pretty when it's not on skin or a ceiling.

8) Sketches stress me out. I know, they are suppose to make life easier. Not for me.

9) I don't know how many scrapbooks I have. I lost count. And room.

10) I just can't help myself, it's an obsession!

OK, phew, that is off my chest!

And, I got noticed today just a bit. Nothing like a page published somewhere to make a whole morning better. I got a fav of the week at Sketchy Thursdays! Whoohhoooh! Check me out, I'm here!

I'll be back tomorrow with some pages I made off a two page sketch and yes, it was hard for me to stay in the lines!


  1. Too funny - our white doona cover has yellow mist on it - I forget that the bed isn't an extension of my craft table...

    Dragon fly mist sounds too pretty to confine to scrap pages anyway! xx

    PS saw your Lo on the ST site - yay - always special to get a mention there as it is such a popular site! xx

  2. hehehehehe... see, one of your confessions is that you are scared of sketches.. but you were a FAVE on ST!! YAY!! I thought that at first too... and then poof... look where I am now with ST!! LOL! I loveeeeeeeeeee this post from you... so fun! And I got your package today!! Thanks love! I love it all! :):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. You're funny! :)

    Congrats on being a fave at Sketchy Thursdays! So much for being scared of sketches! *winks*

  4. HI... i love this blog post.. perhaps it is because i was nodding to so many of your points... i also have green misting on my carpet.. i really did think i had enough background papers to cover any mist over sprays.. but apparently i didn't!!haha! but the roof trumps that one!! i love your style of writing.. can so relate and smile as i read.. and thanks for popping into my blog.. i love all the love i can get from my fellow scrappers!! thanks again..xxlizzy

  5. LOL, too funny, thanks for playing along at the blog hop, I appreciate it.

  6. Congrats for your Sketchy Thursdays fave - woo hoo!! And yes I'm with you on just about all of the above...I have everything everywhere...once had a lunch time meeting with a teacher & realised after that I had glitter down my cleavage - she must have thought I was a pole dancer :)


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