Monday, August 1, 2011

Dream Big Squirt

Oh what fun! Helen is the blogger girl at Bird is the Word! I see they have a new challenge up. Typically I take these pretty seriously, but this time the paper was too much fun! And, I give you two guesses alright maybe just one, what their word is!!

I guess I couldn't take making this page too seriously anyhow. Luke (or Squirt as I like to call him) has big plans for life. He is always working with his hands and his brain coming up with new things. If it's not legos, he's hitting my recycling bin. Typically he will come up with some new brain wave and start bouncing ideas off THE MAN and then if you are able to follow along, you ust never know if you are going to get a lesson on physics or electricity.

Camp Invention was no exception. One car ride home he was complaing because "So and So" didn't know what the red wire was. This was said with great distain only an 8 year old can pull off. I didn't want to admit that I leave wiring things to others and had no clue what the red wire was for. Anyhow, I am super proud of Luke. I imagine he will come up with something clever to do with his future. Something likely I will only be able to explain in vague proud terms to people who ask me what my son does for a living!

The paper was from October Afternoon and was something I convinced our local craft store to carry. They even got the little metal buttons that go along with the paper!

Anyhow, sorry for the brief post, I'm just now getting back in the swing of things from being away for the weekend!

Leave me a comment and let me know if you know what the red wire is for...I won't tell if you don't!


  1. Red wire, I'm sure it is there to make the green wire look fresh and the black wire to take the serious role (isn't there a happy yellow wire as well???). But I'm pretty sure you don't cut the red one if it's attached to an action movie bomb - or is it the black one? I am such an expert on these matters...

    And 8 year olds do contempt (occasionally mixed with condescending sympathy) so very well!

    Great Lo, lots of fun x

  2. Well, in all the cop tv shows I have ever watched, you are supposed to cut the red wire to avoid the entire place from being blown up! LOL LOL LOL!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee that story! Toooooooooooo cute!! And loving the lo!! I loveeeeeeee the big grid design and the way you journaled on the side! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. The red wire is there to allow the machine to go "PING." Definitely don't cut that wire. What good is a PING-less machine, I say.
    LOVED the post...glad you're back and gettin' in the groove. :D
    Lisa xx

  4. This is one cool inspired layout Mitra & top marks for getting down to the challenge so quickly!! From a mother of a daughter who studies bio-chemistry & micro-biology let me tell you it's not easy to explain when you don't understand it yourself!! Thanks for joining us at Bird is the Word!

  5. WOW! Awesome layout Mitralee...
    Lovin the Journaling down 1 side!!
    Thanks so much for playing along @ BITW! hope to see you join us agian!!!

  6. wow this is so creative!! fantastic take on the challenge!

  7. Great page! Really awesome LO! Good luck and thanks for joining the challenge at BITW.

  8. Awesome LO Mitra.. love your mix of papers and embellies and your journaling looks fab!! Thanks for joining in at BITW :))

  9. What a fun page! Great take on the challenge - thanks for playing along at BITW :-) have a great day!

  10. This is a fun page and such a great story! Thanks for sharing your page and for playing along at BITW!

  11. Love your layout! Love the design and the journalling! xoxo


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