Sunday, August 28, 2011

But I didn't pack for Irene!

We spent the weekend at the KOA in Lake Placid. It went so quick! Of course today wasn't much fun. We knew we'd be packing in the rain. We are pretty much only getting rain from the Tropical Storm Miss Irene, formerly a Hurricane. Thankfully we are so far north that most of the wind missed us as well. However, it did make for a quick pack job. Poor Hubby was SOAKED! As he attempted to dry off in the truck on the way back home he could we have done this quicker or better so I didn't get totally wet! And, I said, well, we could have at least an extra shirt for you in the which point, he said, well, I didn't PACK for Irene! I only had enough clothes left for today!

I found this year I didn't take as many photos of the campground as I had last year. I have a ton of pages I made from our weekend trip last year. I wanted to share a page I made last year. This photo was taken along the Ausable River, a short walk from where our camper was. Most of the products on this page were from Close to My Heart. I did use real birch bark! One thing a dye cutter is good at! I did really notice when I opened my scrapbook from last year how much different my style is or even how much THINNER!

I think it's the result of blogging around and seeing other work you LOVE! Back a year ago I spent time looking a magazines and catalogs that are US based. I still love to look around at those, but I love the content I can get on my ipod in the evenings sitting on my couch. It's always fresh and not a few month old! Not to mention, real live people blogging about real live things not just their perfect life on their pages!

So, I challenge you to grab a page from a year ago and see if your style is the same!


  1. I gave up on mags ages ago, blogs are so much more inspirational and personal. I would never have picked that Lo as one of yours, where is the dimension?? Love watching evolving styles and confidence in your own style, it always take a while.

    Glad to see you missed the worst of the storm, bit wet is ok... xx

  2. Glad you didn't get affected by Irene! I loveeeee teh photos and loving that lo!! That photo is AMAZING! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. oh i am so glad you were away from the hurricane.. and yes blog are so much more interesting these days.. and i think i have changed a little from a year ago!! take care..

  4. You are one passionate blogger - I can tell that from your posts! Just like me you are fascinated with the real-life, round the world aspect - sooo much more lively than that magazine we've been discussing - slick it is but where is the soul?!

  5. I totally agree that surfing blogs rocks and broadens your horizons. I have always loved scrappy mags, but have bought them less and less in favour of the net. Its totally cool to look back over ones work and see how it has evolved, changed and fact its so wonderful to see how much one has grown..awesome stuff. :)


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