Monday, August 22, 2011

oh Shirley!

What was she thinking? She skyped me the other day and said, I found two wooden boxes for US to decorate. (note the key word there, "US") So, I sent Kid Post over (as in, my son ran over to grab them from her and save us the walk) as I told her I'd get the base layer of white on this weekend. In fact, I didn't even take a before photo. They were terrible. One had red, white and, blue while the other had a hand painted poinsettia which was also nasty. So, grabbed my gesso which is a good cure all. I painted both tops white and left quite a bit of the texture. I opted to spray the sides with glimmermist and also use some of the color that was there to show through. Used StayzOn to grunge things up a bit!

Now, these boxes were so pretty without decorations! I wasn't sure if she wanted to use these as boxes for a present or to store items in her craft room. But, that didn't stop me! The hubby had wandered up at some point and I whipped out a brush, glimmer modge podge, and the hot glue gun. Before I knew it, they were done!!! She left me alone with our project, see what happens?

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