Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hey Lisa From Kansas! & An Application for the New Blog on the Block


In the weird world that I live in, I was working on another piece of altered art/upcycled objects ABOUT THE WIZARD OF OZ when I read Lisa's comment about loving the Wizard of Oz from my last layout on my blog! I then couldn't wait to post this project!

And, also, I was laughing to myself as I used a picture of Billina (the hen) from the book thinking it might amuse Karen from Australia with her chooks!

I used some art from one of my favorite Oz books for this project. I adore Ozma of Oz, I think she's a very wise ruler! And yes, the guys at work might say I act like I'm queen too. Hopefully not too much or at least say that I rein wisely!

Also you should go check out Julie's post from way back. I have admired her book since she made it!

Anyhow, yes, the box I created! Below is what I started with. Pay no attention to the black box. I used the little floral box on the left and these plant coasters I got at Walmart during the spring for $1 each. Which is pretty funny as the box itself was likely that price at North Country Neighbors (my local one stop shop for items to repurpose).

First, I coated the entire box with gesso and sprayed bits of it various places with glimmermist. Then used some shimmer modge podge to seal it a bit. Then came a doily modge podged on and a little piece of lace I made out of paper. Then I tackled the coasters. I have been shopping for coasters for while but haven't seen anything I loved and the $20 price tag for something I didn't love wasn't making me happy.

So, when I spotted these plant coasters for cheap, I grabbed them earlier this year.

I couldn't decide what I wanted to use for the top of them until I remembered a comment I got a bit ago from Lizzy who was suggesting photocopying for those terrible times when you want extra paper. I thought it would be a great way to capture some graphics out of my favorite book.

I used heavier paper and just traced circles around the areas I liked which then I cut by hand and modge podged on. A few got some glimmermist for fun!

Here is a zoomed in photo of the coasters (above) and the front of the coaster box (below). The yellow rose is another I picked up locally at World Artisan, velvet flowers from Maya Road, and the newspaper flower is one I made with my new Tim Holtz die cut and I love it! I actually cut two out and combined them. They are nice and slim, yet so pretty!

The little girl on my cover is Dorothy. She was printed out on photo paper, I used photo markers and a piece of hardware from Stampin' Up. Covered the whole thing with crackle glaze to make it stand out. Pretty pleased with the results, especially since I probably spent less than $10 on the whole thing and I LOVE it!

I am linking this up on the new Blog on the Block, LESSology. It's right up my alley. I love altered things and recycling. They have one spot open for a DT, so thought I'd throw my hat in!

I'm also going throw out a couple of other links where I've done similar upcycling things in case anyone is interested!

Here is an upcycled metal star that was used when I got it and I made into something pretty for a friend!

Here is a post where I cut the butterfly off a pair of jeans and used it as bling on a page!

Here is a post with the reverse of recycling. We made this hat with the intent to reuse all the items on it! Which we did!

Here is a post showing some of the flowers we reused on eggs that we will decorate with yearly...

Alright, enough from me today! Go check out that new blog!


  1. Completely and totally wonderful Oz project. I love the way you married them together! I might also add that it was a thrill to see my name in "blog lights" LOL.
    I went to that website and it looks perfect for you! I didn't see your entry yet though. Are you planning on using this project or is there something upcoming that you're keeping under wraps? Either way..GO FOR IT!!! That would be awesome fun to see you as a DT there! :D
    Hugs to you,
    Sunflower (hahaha..my new KS nickname just for you!) ;)

  2. Mitra this is a great project - you have done really well with it & I really hope you get the Dt spot - it would suit you down to a T!!

  3. Awesome upcycling! Amazing what mod podge and paper can do eh? This looks fabulous! :)

    Thanks for throwing your hat in for LESSology's DT call! :)

  4. Hi Mitra. Your altered projects are amazing. Your coasters are fabulous. I have yet to work with gesso. Gotta try that soon. The coaster box is beautiful too. Love the flowers.
    Thank you so much for auditioning for the new LESSology blog. :)

  5. Oh those are so very cool! I really love your projects. Thanks for the encouraging words on my blog about not being alone even though all of my kids were in school. You are so sweet!

  6. Wow!! Just love them!1 Love the use of photocopied images and such cool images too - love the chooks!!
    Good luck with the DT application, you are more than due to be on a DT! xx

  7. Wow wonderful idea and useful too.

  8. cool coasters, love how your project turned out!


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