Thursday, August 25, 2011

oh Goodness!

It was one of those days today. As you all might remember, I work at home. And somedays despite my best efforts, it still is well....WORK!

I am back at it a bit, the 100 plus e-mails need filed before tomorrow, but at least I had some time to take a break in between it all. I did consider at one point hiding under my desk mid-day, but I would have had to ask the dog to leave that spot and I am pretty sure it would have been a fight!

Now, I did want to share a card and a little Mitra-ism. Well, normally it's Lisa that has the stellar advice. Mine isn't nearly as funny. Mine is regarding "hater" e-mails. You know the kind. The one that if the person writing the scud e-mail would have just picked up the darn phone and asked questions IN PERSON, they would have understood that they misread the situation. Anyhow, meeting at 10 tomorrow to disect the entire e-mail, which just goes to show you how much time a bad e-mail can waste. So, don't be a hater, pick up the phone already!

So, anyway, on to my card! This is mostly made from recycled stuff. The back ground with flowers was Bo Bunny packaging and the pretty scallopy die was made out of cardboard!  I do LOVE my flower! Saw a dandy ribbon tut out on Yvonne's More with Less blog, which I copied but with smaller ribbon and some that was already crinkly. Fun little butterfly came all the way from Tink's private stash, yahoo!

And, since today is my Friday (sorta, still have that 10 am mtg tomorrow) and we're heading off for big adventures, I thought I'd share my next project! Found this lamp recently at North Country Neighbors. To be exact, some dude was carrying it in to sell in his wife's stall and I was like, HEY WHAT DO YOU HAVE THERE and scared the crap outta him. I think he thought I was hitting on him, but no, I really just wanted the lamp!


  1. Ha - hitting on strange men obviously pays off!! Gorgeous lamp base.

    Loving the crinkly floer, will go check out the tut.

    I'm assuming you are too far inland to be affected by the hurricane, hope it blows out... xx

  2. Sorry for the hater email... I have one of those at work too!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee the card!!! LOVING that flower and the butterfly!! And that LAMP is AWESOME!! What a great find! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. LOL at your stories, so funny, the card is DIVINE, love what you do with packaging, maybe I will send you all my packaging LOL. Cannot wait to see what the lamp is transformed into, once you start creating on it, have a fantastic weekend, from across the pond, Doreen x

  4. No idea what is up but it must be something to do with my internet - I can see the picture of that gorgeous lamp but not the 2 pictures of card! It does sound gorgeous though & I am also keen to try that lovely flower out from Yvonne's blog!! Happy adventuring :)


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