Sunday, August 7, 2011

Yellow Glimmermist, the border, and more ramblings....

So, I never got to explain why I love Saturday am at my house! A cup of coffee, some blog browsing, maybe reading some of that new book I got on my ipad...but I was interruped by my other pc before I could explain all that. More specially a skype from my most favorite neighbor. It was pretty simple. It said: Wanna go to Cornwall? For those of you not living in my area (which would be all of you pretty much) that means we're going over the border. Now, they have some fun stuff over in Canada. Their Walmart for instance carries different scrapbooking stuff...BUT more important is that THE SCRAPBOOKING store is over there.

My instant response was no. I mean, things needed vacuuming...I can't possibly go anywhere with dog hair on the floor. Then my smarter half kicked in and I realized I needed yellow glimmermist. Much more important than vacuuming OR grocery shopping.

It is always fun at the border crossing. I always get a teeny bit nervous. On the trip over, we got a gruff woman who was like: WHY DO YOU WANT TO GO INTO CANADA? On the trip back, we again got a woman who was a bit nicer. She said: Why did you go to Canada? This lady got the correct response and as I was drawing a breath to explain about the new crackle glaze I found, and yellow glimmermist, and this super cool piece of Sassafras paper, she waved us on. Usually it takes more than five seconds at the US boarder crossing where we are paranoid androids, but she must have seen the manic look in my eye that comes from viewing sheets upon sheets of yummy paper, a wall of Prima, etc. She should scrapbook. Seriously. Much better than hanging out in a little booth.

Anyhow, due to my day abroad, I have deligated some of my tasks. One of them was drawing for my RAK. This got assigned to the 10 year old who is most fair. She looked at everyone's photos and said, why, the lady with the little girl should get it. I was like, no wait, Lexi, you have to cut them out and fold them up and then draw a winner! She looked puzzled. But, this lady that said something about a white hair is really funny...I said, no, it has to be FAIR. So, she opted to make a game out of it. She cut all the names up, crumped them up, and kept picking names until she had one left. That was her winner. See, out of the box thinking. And, Julie won. I am a bit suspicious since she was her original pick...maybe her daugher and my daughter had an arrangement...So, Julie, e-mail me your addy, please and thank you!

And, lest you think badly of me for not posting something with a photo, here is a card I made for my Aunt Connie. Scraps of October Afternoon paper along with a stray sticker madet this fun card.
I even left the bottom of the paper on. I thought my Aunt might think it was funny. She is my science Aunt, working in the energy industry...hope she likes it...

Happy Sunday! I'll be at the market!! (yes, that was for you Helen!!)


  1. Welllllllllll....I didn't want to tell you... but I had Brookie bribe your daughter! lol!! KIDDING!! Thanks love... and thank your daughter for picking me!! :):):):):):):):):):) I loveeeeee that card... loving the big heart and that you left the bottom of the paper intact! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. Sorry love... I looked on your bloggy and can't find your email addy... can you email me?? .....thanks! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. I had giggle reading your post! Thank Lexi for thinking I was funny! lol, the white hair is NOT :-) Congrates Julie !

  4. I love reading your posts - they always give me a chuckle! Wow you did a border crossing this weekend!? That is so super cool! I used to do that when I lived in Zimbabwe - it was a nightmare 2 day drive & a lengthly border interrogation but the thought of decent groceries & toiletries spurred me on!!! Very cool Rocket age card!!


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