Friday, February 17, 2012

48 Hours of Snow Double Page Layout

A few of the native New Yorkers that read my blog were like SNOW photos? That is 'cause it's our everyday. Well, not so much this winter. This winter has been pretty mild, but there is still time for it to really dump on us.

Anyhow, when I posted my ice and snow photos earlier this winter, I was told to scrap them.

NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS would I have come up with that on my own. 

It's like scrapbooking someone mowing the lawn or doing laundry. It is our every day. But you guys without snow thought it was special so I am now seeing it from your eyes. SO, thanks! Someday maybe we'll move outta the snow belt and it will be very very special!!!

Right now I'm still loving my kit from Scraptastic from January. It seemed the perfect thing to pair up all these photos that are colorless.

Here is a close up. I choose a grid pattern because I wanted smaller photos and chunks of bright paper. I I haven't made a layout like this in forever.

Do you see those very lovely velvet leaves from Helen that are peeking out from under those lovely green and blue flowers! And then the little snowflakes?  All exotic imports from South Africa and Helen!

And here is a shot of the second page.

If you look back at the first photo, you can see the transition from day one which was ice to the storm to day two of snow!

So thanks ladies from places down under and away from here for inspiring me!


  1. This is GORGEOUS! I loveeeeeeee how you added the snowflakes to the top of the flowers!

  2. FANTASTIC layout! I love the approach you took and woot woot for showcasing those ultra-special snow photos!! I guess the equivalent for me would be swimming photos...boring...we do that every day LOL!!

  3. I couldn't wait to see you showcase these pics and you have done it perfectly. Each photo is just so beautiful and you are right, we take the every day for granted don't we. Beautiful work and love it as a double.

  4. You picked the best papers for this! The layout is fantastic for flow and those pictures...gorgeous! Really love the one over the stones.
    I love that I have my very special picture here with me. :D

  5. You did an awesome job on this page,love the use of so many photos. Great embellishments as well.

  6. Love the grid pattern - simply perfect for your pictures!

    Hugs from India

  7. Love these snowy pics Mitra, we only get it like this once every few years so even I thought what a great subject for a LO, double at that. Love the squared effect and the embellishments.

  8. Fabulous idea and beautifully presented what an amazing layout you should frame it !!!



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