Thursday, February 2, 2012

Newness Around The Place


When we moved, I was happy with most everything furniture related in my house except a really old little cupboard we had brought with us. It wasn't intended for any prominent spot in the house actually but by virtue of being the only little cabinet type thing we had that would work in this little weird spot in the kitchen, it lived out in the open. At one point a dog chased a cat on top of it causing the entire thing to topple over, chipping the knobs, and causing a rather massive repair job with screws by THE MAN.

He was outside fixing it to avoid the drama of a wife who was seriously annoyed since it involved a plant that was tipped over and a rather large mess. Been looking for a replacement piece since.

At a craft fair before Christmas I spotted this very lovely little dry sink made by a local guy who owns a company called The Grumpy Bear. For the record, this dude somewhat resembles the name of his company but he was surrounded by twittering women so we'll give him a break.

I admired his furniture, took measurements and then brought it home via my cell phone and imagined it in place. THE MAN being very wise said of course, if you want it, get it. He was hoping to avoid any future repairs since there is only so much wood glue and screws can do to ward off a flying cat.

Since it was during the Christmas rush, I had a bit of a wait ahead of me.


I could have taken one he had premade but of course, I had to have something different than everyone else.

Here is a close up of the knobs I gave him to use in place of shaker pegs. I had bought them for my old cabinet, but really, they weren't going to help make it look much better since it was falling apart.

Also, there is a nice close up of the new candle sticks I found at Odd Ball's Emporium in Potsdam the other day. They match my new mirror from North Country Neighbor nicely! And yes, Better Homes and Garden candles from Walmart, thank you for spotting them.

See, told you I was going to introduce you to my new mirror! HI!!!

Oh funny! I crack myself up.

And, I knew it! You were going to ask if my binoculars are part of my decorations!!! See, THE MAN likes to grab them in a big hurry to see what big deer is eating his meadow on any given day so they must be out and handy. Not like candle sticks that really do no one any good unless of course the lights go out and you can't find a flashlight...but then there is also finding a match at the same time...

And, a little piece of scrappy Art that I got sent to me from LISA at You Made Me Ink! My favorite lunch pastime is stopping in at our local flea markets with my VISA!!!! Thanks Lisa!


  1. Oh I LOVE this new resident of your home! It's gorgeous!!! That mirror and candles and binoculars are the perfect ensemble with it. :D This is completely rustic and really fills out the area beautifully.
    Did I spot the reflection of the old cabinet in the mirror too?
    LOL..glad you liked that card. :D

  2. I like that, and preumedly the cat and dog are more or less 'at peace' with each other now.
    Nice color and the knobs glow like cobalt eyes!
    So, The Man still gets to see deer in a flash, and that is perfect! Given as we have two binoculars for similar uses in easy grabbing ... ENJOY!Gretchen

  3. Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee your new piece!! It is GORGEOUS! And that photo of you in the mirror is CUTE!!!! And loveeeeeee the card! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  4. I do love that new addition, and it fits perfectly in that space. The accents really add to it, too. Especially like the candleholder and candles.

  5. Love the mirror and the new cupboard. You made a beautiful little corner out of a seemingly impossible job. Hope the dog and cat are locked out. Thank you for your love from NY to me. She is on the mend but it was a scary day. xxx

  6. Haha! Love the card!! Wow your new piece is simply gorgeous and the bits and bobs you've found for it are ideal - that mirror and candle-sticks are beautiful and that whole area looks amazing now - great makeover!!

  7. Please stop I am nearly crying with laughter I just adore your writing have you thought of a book. Love your new cabinet it looks so very proud and glorious in its new home. I think the lenses look really cool there and match so perfectly in an off beat way. Love that card, someone obviously knows you quite well.



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