Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ode To Frankie by Bruce Mero

Ode to Frankie

The little white dog known as Frankie
takes a clipping from his Doctor today.
It is not for a haircut he goes, however,
he's leaving his nuts there...forever.

He'll waggle his tail while she drives there,
the vet's office is not far away.
He'll jump and he'll sniff and be happy,
unaware of the price he'll soon pay.

At the office he'll leap into action,
sniffing and running around.
As soon as he hits the Doc's table
He'll not hear 'nother sound.

The Vet starts by shaving his belly
and soon works his task real quick.
While Frankie dreams of Jasper
his balls will be gone in a snip.

He'll come home a changed pup, you'll see
and for a while will whine when he pees.
I wonder if he'll be as frisky
now absent his first pair of testes?

Soon stitches will heal and hair will grow back,
he'll be back to his old self quite soon.
His antics will leave Mitra exasperated
Small payment says he- " I've been castrated." 

My Dad found this poem the other day he wrote for my small Westie YEARS ago. Frank passed away shortly after we moved to our new house almost a year and a half ago. He was grouchy and showing his age at the end. In fact, moving involved a trip to the doc to help as he was dehydrated from being sick. 

For years he was a small little dog believing he could take on the world. I loved his spunk. 

It took months for me to even be able to make a page to remember him by.

I always said I'd have another Westie but was claimed in the way of dogs by another who believes I am the most amazing person alive and gives me serious grief when I am absent from her for even only an hour. I didn't choose this worship certainly. I didn't want this love from Patti. I wanted my Frank back, but we grew into each other I suppose. 

I did want to share my page eventually now that my memories are sweet and don't cause that sharp pang. I used to hear his collar for a while, even if it was only in my imagination but that has faded too. 


  1. Aaaw this is lovely!! Frank looks like he was one cool dog! Love how you have made that paper with the image of him on it...

  2. Oh that poem is great and your page is just fabulous. I love that shot of him walking away. Beautiful work and a great memory of him. And as for the new pooch. Too cute. I bought a Labrador for my hubby and kids but no, I am the one he worships. It's kinda nice but also kinda puts the pressure on when you already have 4 kids to look Wouldn't change him for the world though.

  3. Sweet dogs, and sometimes cats test while they give the best to us- missing some past pals, and still enjoying life with my cat, Opal .. what a sweet page of Frankie.... Gretchen


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