Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Lessology's Paper Flower Challenge Better Late than Never!

Oh rolled flowers, how I love you!

So pretty!

When I was pawing through some stuff in the closet I came across these very bare black frames that I found in the sale bin ages ago at Michaels. I had been looking for something fun to make involving these black silhouettes I had of my kids years ago.

WAAAAAAAAYYYYYY back in Preschool, both kids had the same teacher who made the same lovely project for me. An 11 by 17 laminated silhouette of both kids. They were so large, they weren't something I had room to hang, so I made a smaller version for myself by taking a photo, cropping it and cutting out a new silhouette.

Here is the very unglamorous before photo. See the glare? Somehow in the moving Lexi's frame got a small crack. Plus, I thought they were very boring and plain to my standards these days.

I channeled my INNER JulieTuckerWolek and decided to participate in the LESSology Challenge. Reuse these old frames and make into something new and lovely! Of course, I should have posted this SUNDAY since the challenge has since ended, but hey, I'm down with that. I LOVE my new frames!

Here are some close up shots of Lexi's Frame. First step was to remove the plexi glass which was much easier than I figured. That gave me extra depth for flower placement.

I opted to modge podge down the silhouette part and even added some spatter in various places. And embossing with a Tim Holtz stamp accented little lace doilies from Irini! Lexi's got lots of glitter!

 And here is Luke's frame. Less glitter, but some pretty shimmer leaves that were recycled from an envelope from Karen from Australia.

I was planning on writing a tutorial for these flowers, but I think I will post this project in two parts.

So, please check my next post for a tie dye paper rose tutorial!


  1. I love love love love love these!!! They are AMAZING!! I loveeeeeeee your flowers!!! Just GORGEOUS! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. Gorgeous project Mitra, you amaze me with your versatility. Yes please for the tutorial. x

  3. Oh wow, they look amazing. Love the silhouettes and the flowers are stunning. Gorgeous gorgeous.

  4. Oh my! Your flowers are just gorgeous! Love the colours! :)

  5. Sorry you missed the deadline! You made such beautiful rolled flowers - so great to actually get out a project and get it done and finished - I have a few of those lurking!!

  6. Most EXCELLENT makeover! I love those frames!!! All the most wonderful things rolled into one with the silhouettes of your kids and the amazing rolled flowers and that crown over your son's head...that's awesome.

    Fantastic works!!!


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