Thursday, February 9, 2012

Little Valentine's Day Treats

I like to send little treats to my niece and nephews so around Christmas time I spotted these cool metal tins. I had thought I'd send them something then in them, but then I decided to save them for Valentine's Day.

It IS one of my favorite holidays. I'm a sucker for hearts and roses, what can I say.

Just a few little home made tags using some sparkle gold letters!

One more closeup! Love that lolly pop with the cool little filled in hearts!


  1. Growing up, Juicy Fruit gum was my all time favorite! These are the coolest tins.
    Super cute Valentine gift ideas. Love that gold lettering too. :)
    p.s. I saw snow yesterday for 30 seconds. It's better than nothing and more in the forecast for the weekend!!! :D

  2. How cute cute cute!! I just loveeeeee these!

  3. i'm sure your neice and nephew will love them - they look fantastic.

  4. You really are an inspiration Mitra. I love the choccy hearts and the tins and tags are a brilliant thought. Over here V Day (celebrated on the 14th)is mainly for Lovers, as in Adults, but you've shown me another take which I think is pretty special and a much better one.

  5. So cute! You can get so many nice little treats there!! Sure they will love their little packages :)


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