Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Day Out Scrapbook Page

So what do you do when your 14th Anniversary falls on the same day that your hubby is going out of town? Well, you improvise and beg him to take a day off earlier. 

So, Luke got TWO parents attending his field trip to Lake Placid! 

What fun for us!

Parents don't get to ride the bus so we had to take our wheels up to Placid on our own. 

Which meant an hour and a half of uninterrupted conversation. Can you IMAGINE?

Of course we were a bit in front of the bus so arrived to where we THOUGHT were supposed to be early and took a quick wander. 

Here is the ski jump!

For those of you unfamiliar with Lake Placid, NY....they hosted the Winter Olympics in the 80's. So all sorts of fun wintery type stuff all over plus a lovely little town. 

Thankfully THE MAN and I got bored, wandered around the ski lift and realized that Luke's bus was below us. So, fast trip DOWN the mountain to where 48 kids were riding tubes down the hill. 

Here is a view DOWN the run. That little speck you see way down in the middle?  Kids riding tubes down. 

Of course Nate and I had to take a run. I told the guys pushing I could push myself off and they thought that was funny so BOTH pushed me. I screamed the entire way down. 

And don't worry, you don't gotta lug that tube back up with you to the top. They have runners in pick up trucks. 

Luke musta made like 7 runs or something. Most of the his class only made a couple of runs, but he is pretty quick at moving if there is fun to be had. He had to have run back up that hill. Oh to have that energy. 

Then they bused the kids BACK up the mountain to let them ride the Sky Elevator.

Can you imagine 48 little kids and various assorted parents all taking turns to ride an elevator to the observation deck? Yes, like sardines we were packed into the elevator.

Breathtaking views from the top though....

Let me show you the house THE MAN picked out for us to live in. Too bad we don't have a spare million dollars...I am pretty sure anything in this neighborhood is a wee bit outta our price range!

Can you spot that house almost in the middle? Guess my zoom is better than I thought on my camera!

Used a snippet of one of these photos above to go behind my awesome Lake Placid title I got at a local scrapbook store for this page. 

After the Sky Elevator they took the kids to the HUGE speed skating ice rink in front of the High School.


Just a random shot of the rink with the high school in the background and the gym class that was playing soccer in the snow in the middle. AND yes, kids WERE wearing shorts! 

So much fun in such a short period of time. I do think a trip to Placid is in the cards sometime soon. We are still spending time on the weekends getting their play area in our basement all wrapped up.

It is almost all together, so photos of that soon. 

Remember? That was our Christmas present to them!

Anyhow, hope your day is awesome and bright!


  1. Looks like y'all had FAB day....sun shining, fun to be had ~ it's what life's about, really, isn't it:):):) Loved how you scrapped those memories up:))

  2. Love your LO and your post Mitra. So interesting to see your photos and read about Lake Placid. TFS. That title was just the icing on your page. I spent the afternoon with 2 friends at the Ballet in Birmingham watching Hobson's Choice. It's a play which has been adapted into a Ballet. Brilliant day.

  3. Kids were wearing shorts in the snow?! No way! I thought I was awesome for wearing flip flops in the snow but I think they had me beat. LOL I love that you were able to go down the runs too. It sounds like such a neat day!

  4. Oh my that looks like Heaven on Earth to me!! Unbelievable!! Awesome photos!!! SO glad you got to have such a cool day & you took fabulous photos of it and made a cracking layout with it too - yay!! Most of our schools here have a 180% view of the ocean & when I first arrived I was just gobsmacked about it - now I don't really even notice it...

  5. SUCH a cool school field trip! SOOOO way better than mine to the petting zoo. Pffft!


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