Wednesday, February 1, 2012

THE MAN scrapbook page for Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge

I am in a LOT of hot water for this page.


Like rolling his eye balls and snorting....

So, the challenge up today at Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge is:

Just in time for Valentine’s Day next month – your first love – a real boy or girl, try to include a  memento from that time with them, or download an image or something from that era from the Internet if you wish. A pop or movie star crush can be substituted for a real live crush if you are too shy to tell us how it really was!!!

I considered doing a deep dive in the huge tote I have full of old school stuff to see if I could find that Valentine's Day card from Gene Platt who moved and used to sit next to me in third grade but all the Christmas stuff was in front of it plus, I wasn't really sure if still existed....and THEN there is the page I could do on that boy I had that HUGE CRUSH on in High School and I code named Manifest Destiny after studying American History. Of course, the only people on this planet who would know the guy I am referring to is my Mom, THE MAN, and also the girl I used to sit with on the bus in the wee hours of the morning. 

Lets just say for the record, it's like that country song Garth Brooks sings....Unanswered Prayers...I'm good with not being Mrs. Manifest Destiny. And there might have been a couple of other boys...but none all that significant...

That leaves THE MAN. 

We starting going out on the Sports Bus our senior year of High School.

Yes, who would have thought I would have put up with him 'til now!!!!

I am only saying that since he snorted at my page. And used some words that crushed my very soul. He said it was CHEESY. 


He may have been referring to what he wrote on the back of the photo I had scanned in. So, here is a close up shot so you can be the judge of all that. Hopefully you can read it. Evidently 21 year old scanned in pen doesn't turn out that hot. 

It is ALSO possible he was protesting my use of his senior year photo. Isn't he just adorable?

I was also glad to find a use for my old letter jacket my parents delivered recently after a closet purge. I was like um....thanks? It needs to be dry cleaned in the worst way. 

After taking a photo, I printed it out on some nice creamy paper with lots of texture and after fading it up a bit on the edges. Here is the original photo.

And, all the beautiful paper lace doilies? They are from Julie, a scrappy friend of mine who randomly mailed me a little package full AND poked out all the little holes! I love my die cutter, but poking out the holes in something like that is the worst!

Oh and please play along will you? I'd love to wander over and check out your pages. I PROMISE I won't call them cheesy either like THE MAN! He had better have BIG PLANS for making it up to me on Valentine's Day, which is also our anniversary.


  1. Hi.. oh your post has me laughing!!you write so beautifully!! fabulous layout... i am sure your man is secretly chuffed by this layout!! and thank you so very much for my lovely gift i received in the mail today... a beautiful box filled with your hand made flowers.. they are exquisitely beautiful!! thank you... i got a huge surprise and was so delighted to open my gift... thank you again!! xx lizzy

  2. Hey, I was laughing too, and I REALLY like the nostalgic layout and hints of times passed by in your selection of elements that you put in the page. I can hear the 'snorts' half in appreciation and a little bit of embarrassment thrown in together!Gretchen

  3. This is FREAKING AWESOME, Go Mitra, What a AWESOME WRITE UP, AWESOME LAYOUT! So glad your on the team. I absolutely love how you printed your jacket. I think I am going to have to try that out. :-)

  4. Awwwww, forever love is the best! Not cheesy at all. I like to call it sappily romantic. :)

    Great pictures and you're right. That's an EXCELLENT way to preserve so many wonderful memories of love, and high school for your kids some day.

    I really need to get back into scrapbooking. (Insert hem and haw here)

  5. Oh I love this! It is just gorgeous!! Weren't our men adorable?!

  6. Love it!! And I would have gotten the same reation from my man - not that he was terribly romantic back in the day either...

    happy, happy, happy that you're on the team!!!

  7. Typical male.... how brave you are to actually scrap these memories. They are precious, though & I love how you've used the Adirondack piccy - & that letter:):)!!!!!

  8. OIh Mitra this is just precious - I love the words on the photo too (I love cheese lol)
    Im really happy to be on this dt with you too :)

  9. well for someone who married you on Valentines day how does he have the nerve to call this amazing layout cheesy !! It sent my heart all of a flutter. Love all of the personal details and the photo of the jacket is pure genius. Wishing you a wonderful wedding anniversary. sniff sniff


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