Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Brownies Layout for Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge Site

So, this is one of those layouts I had out one day and Lexi came bopping up to my craft room, stopped, took one look, and broke my heart.

Lexi:  MOM. Those braids.
Me:  Yeah Lexi?
Lexi:  Um, yeah.......
Me:  You think they are not cool?
Lexi:  Ah yeah.
Me:  I was little you know? Like your brothers age?

Of course, her BROTHER broke my heart yesterday. At work, we call it getting thrown under the bus.

So, last night we were doing her nails all pretty for Valentine's Day and in the middle of it all, Luke shows up and starts dart gunning the door near us. It wasn't the darts wizzing past that annoyed me, it was sound of it all.

So, his Dad was having a drink with our old next door neighbor away on business. Luke dials "Dad" on our phone as his cell is programmed in.

THE MAN:  Yeah Luke?
Luke:  Dad. Mom is being mean about my dart gun. She won't let me fire it.
THE MAN:  Ok buddy. Where are you firing it? Anywhere near Mommy?
Luke: Um. Not at Mommy.
THE MAN:  No doubt she is annoyed by the sound. Go fire it downstairs, OK?
Luke: Yeah. Thanks. Love you. BYE

It really sucks when your Dad has ESP about what is going on in his house five hours away.

Hope I didn't break my Mom and Dad's hearts too bad when I was little, but I probably did.

I know for a fact that driving me to Girl Scouts wasn't a small thing. Not to mention sewing all those patches on. I was SOOOOOOO excited to go. I think it was the snacks though...and the fun little projects, giggle!

Anyhow, there is a brand new challenge up at Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge that you MUST take a crack at!

Here are the instructions:

Using sketch 7 ‐ February 22nd is Baden Powell Day – Baden Powell was the founder of Boy Scouts, and his sister Agnes was the founder of Girl Guides.
 Scrap a memory of you in Scouting or Girl Guides
(brownies, Sparks, Guides, etc.) or a memory of a group you belonged to when you were a child or teen.
You may include a memento or journal a memory of what belonging meant to you.

Remember, if you have a photo that will work in a portrait format, you can always flip the sketch!

I had fun adding some flowers here and there. All the flowers are from Eye Candy Magic and also the really neat scalloped denim. The background paper and also the Farm House Collection are from the January Scraptastic Club.

HEYYYYYYY! I just remembered, YOU need to win the really cool stuff up for grabs at our

Valentine’s Blog Hop at another Freaking Scrappy Challenge!!!!

Perfect time to play along and get an extra challenge to win! And PSSSSTTTT!!! I wish I could win, it's awesome stuff! Don't forget to leave me a comment to be entered in my draw too!

oh and Helen? Thanks for that cool idea of layering the photos. Seriously LOVE it!


  1. Bummer about the kids attitudes... but you are probably right, we did do the same things to ours. I loveeeeeee the lo!! Cute photo and loving how you layered it and love the flowers!

  2. You look so freaking cute!!!!...yes they break our hearts BUT...a hug and a kiss can make you feel so much better!!

  3. LOL, I love the braids! Kids!!! Fabulous layout btw!!

  4. Oh my gosh, you are adorable in this picture. I really like the triple layered photo idea. That looks fantastic and as always, the queen of embellishments. :)
    Kids....gotta love 'em. We do, right? LOL Kidding!

    Lisa xx
    p.s the snow has now completely melted, but it was fabulous while it lasted. thanks for the help.

  5. I love this page. In my opinion, the braids are perfect.(Really in then) The flowers go so well with the Brownie theme. Way to go, Mitra.

  6. I had braids at that age too, so they must have been soool, right??? You were such a little cutie. Love the layering of the photos as well.

    I have two sons and a husband who take great delight in having nerf gun fights around me. Meaghan keeps reminding me, this is what we signed up for when we decided to have kids - but I'm not sure I remember that clause...(or any of the others that supposedly advantage the kids over us, sigh)

    I owe you an email as well, will attempt that today. xxx

  7. Haha - thanks for the mention!! Love this one with all the texture and teh cutest photo of you ever! I have HARDLY ANY photos of me as a kid so it's really difficult for me to ever participate in these kind of challenges. Hope you had a great Valentine's Day despite the noise & dodging the dart gun...

  8. The braids are ridiculously cool... It's just, well, mom... Kids are waaayyyy cooler than their parents.

  9. This reminds me of one of the few photos I have of me as a child, my Dad had done my braids (pigtails here in the UK) and they were sooo uncool the way he did them. Yours look really COOL to me love the whole page, it's got such a lot to see, (one of those you must keep looking pages).

  10. I am not sure how I have missed so many posts either, wow you have been busy. Gorgeous page and photo.

  11. Great layout, love your layered photos! Nice colours you used for the layout!

  12. Loving this blog hop, but shh, should really be working !!


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