Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Metal Flowers on a Wood Grain Card

Ok, there is the coolest post that I feel the need to share with you all immediately. Granted, I have been meaning to pop back over and check it out again...and leave Irini a comment for two weeks!!!

I think instead I'll just tell everyone here how amazing she is. I just about fainted when I saw what she made with one of my flowers. 

So, click that link and scroll down to the last card..... 

 I KNOW! That flower from Potsdam, New York went to Irini all the way in Greece and onto that amazing card! 

And she returned the favor with a parcel of flowers she made and one of those flowers was this red one that is AMAZING!!!

Lucky for me she gave me a HINT on how she did it and I was able to put together a tutorial.

WHICH this post doesn't contain. No need to call me bad words. It's coming. I promise!
But, I did figure it out so I can write a tutorial. Do I get any credit for that?? ;-)

Here is my pink version all fancy on woodgrain!

And another shot so you can see the shimmer in the sun. 

And a close up. 

And would Miss Karen Wray please send me her addy? I want to pop this card in the post for her! She is in Australia and sent me the coolest stamp and card at Christmas time. Like, I am such a dork yelling from the mail box....I GOT HAPPY MAIL FROM AUSTRALIA!! We have a long driveway. It's not like THE MAN could actually HEAR me. Well, maybe he saw me dancing....


  1. Flowers that shimmer in the snow...a beautiful card, and it was fun to see Irini's cards as well by following the link.. those are summer flowers!NICE!

  2. Ohhhh! This is so bizarre - I have just been in a long email exchange with Irini about who we prefer - Pierce Brosnan or Daniel Craig.

    Loved Irini's flowers and soo excited that I am getting a Mitra flower card now!!!

    will email tomorrow (late now going to bed..) yay xxx

    ps I like Pierce's James Bond better but Daniel Craig is sexier..

  3. Mitralee you are too funny....please tell me people that the tutorial is from Miss Art paper crafting website!! did a fabulous job....woman where do you find the time to craft I ENVY you.......LOL

  4. Pink and tulle rocks!!! I'm stoked.

    Begins pacing now.....

  5. Haha you funny girl - you always make me smile :) Beautiful flowers - Irini is such a sweetheart - the flower on my last layout comes from her too ...

  6. I've just joined as a follower and I can't wait for your tutorial on those fabulous flowers. Your work is beautiful.

  7. Love the flowers, love the card, love the humour, but most of all love the snowy outdoorsy setting you shot it in:):):)


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