Thursday, March 1, 2012

New Challenge at Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge Blog and my San Fran Layout

So the other day THE MAN ventured upstairs to chat with me. Best way to get my attention is show up unannounced while I am scrappin in the midst of paper chaos. It does not ensure I am listening, but I am at least not going anywhere.

He laughed a nice good laugh. AT ME. At the moment of his belly laugh I was slicing chunks of red mesh up to use on this page on the floor with my cutter. Like, I was on my floor on my hands and knees cutting. I did a quick check to make sure I didn't have plumber's crack (I am fairly positive this statement will make sense to most, but if it doesn't, those new low cut jeans that I accidentally bought sometimes shows more of my backside than I would like).

He then made a very bold incorrect statement:  OH. I see now why you bought oranges. 

Like he was suggesting that I bought oranges because they came in a red mesh bag that I could cut up for this page.


We scrappers are sometimes totally misunderstood.

I will admit to purchasing some copper colored paper with these photos in mind, but oranges really weren't involved until much later when I decided some mesh would look nice.

So, this page is for the very freshest challenge up at Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge:

March is the month where school children have a spring break in Canada. Scrap some memories of a
spring break (or another school break) that you experienced.

I dug back to one of my most favorite memories of a family trip we took. We were in California for at least a week and went to variety of places. In fact, it was really hard to pick which photos to use.

Grabbed an idea from Helen where you make a photo collage in Picasa. She also used a huge circle to frame some photos the other day and I loved that idea. Plus, got extra outta my paper as the middle section is on this other page I did of California.

Here are some close ups of flowers and whatnot. So fun to decorate this page.

Some of these are from Samantha at Eye Candy Magic.

The rather bright orange hand knitted doily behind the blue flower and the blue jean material were part of one flower that Irini sent me, but I wanted to spread the blue around a bit so split it into two. (holy beaners, Irini can hand knit?)

 I would truly love it if you'd play along with this challenge. It doesn't HAVE to be photos from when you were little. In fact, I know someone who has some really amazing photos she took recently of a special trip to the mountains in South Africa....those would work!!! ;-)


  1. GORJAMOUS flowers!!! What mad skills. Those crocheted beauties are fantastic. Love the center of the flower is also holding down the photo, that looks wonderful and kudos to the produce department for being there for us crafters!!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE your layout and enjoyed looking for the journaling. The pics are priceless. :D

  2. Too too funny......your layout is fabulous....i wish i could take part in the challenge but I have no phots of my childhood here in Greece they are all back home in OZ....(ooops Australia)...hahaha
    so happy you love the flowers think I have to send you some more hmmmm....

  3. LOL! Too funny! I loveeeeeeeee the photos and flowers on your lo! BEAUTIFUL!

  4. I LOVE this how you used the orange's net [it'd be just tossed out otherwise:))] & the way you've put the photos together like that is BRILL. Love the bright colours with the muted photo tones, too. All round, really, really inspirational....hope to go in this one:):)

  5. Count me in, your page is gorgeous!

  6. The colors of this layout had me at HELLO!

  7. Gorgeous flowers and wow what fanboy photos the design amazing page

  8. This is great! Just a bit behind on my e mails this week so only got to it now!! Thanks for the link! Love how you have done the photos and they are great shots too!!

  9. Haha yes I am also always ensuring a better posture if hubby swings by my studio as plumber's crack is a problem these days...with the low jeans...especially for me with a rather large butt LOL...


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