Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Recycled Bottles with a Mercury Glass Look

Firstly I am totally gunna be upfront and honest here. I have seen adaptations of mercury glass using Krylon Mirror Glass Paint around blogland lately and have fallen in love. So, this is nothing I came up with on my own other than of course adding a touch of flowers and modge podge at the end!

The post that cinched it for me was this one on Pitter and Glink  and I totally want to give her project a whirl.

But, I thought, lets start small and see if I am any good at this. Me and spray paint....I am a bit challenged.

But, this is supposed to look messed up.

She has two links to mercury glass tutorials on her blog.

But I'm going to write up what I did since I didn't follow the directions exactly. Anyone who knows me IRL (in real life) will totally laugh at that comment since I'm kinda not good at directions either.

Start by assembling your items.

Got the paint at a local craft store, but I am betting a big hardware store or good ole Wally World must sell it. The spray bottle is filled with a half water/half vinegar solution.

First, spritz the insides of the bottles lightly with vinegar.

Second, apply first coat of paint over the vinegar.

Now, my bottles are pretty smallish so this was a bit more difficult.

When I sprayed, I ended up with some puddling in the bottom of the jars because (see above) I am spray paint challenged.

I tipped them over on my cardboard and let them dry.

I did this vinegar step/paint step several times until losing patience and spraying the outside of the jars.


Could still see through them though. Took more vinegar, misted the outside, and carefully rubbed off some paint. Even better.

Then sprayed the inside of the jar with black paint and instant happiness!!

Next up is some bling!

Hot glued on these cool little metal pieces with the German stickers underneath.

Then applied a coat of Modge Podge over top of the paper German stickers and over the paint for a slight gold shimmer.

Then added more flowers and goodies.

A close up up of my new favorite paint and my all time favorite Shimmer Modge Podge. Nobody is paying me or offering me free stuff to say that although I am taking donations since I go through Modge Podge like it's going outta style.

And have more big plans for my a lamp....

Now, aside from the purchase of paint and Modge Podge, this project was really pretty inexpensive. Two of the jars had previous lives holding jelly and apple juice, while the third bumpy vase was a purchase at a second hand store. So, loving my almost freebie decorations!

And another shot of these 'lil pretties lined up.

Planning on linking this up to a new party I found which has a great name.

French County Cottage has a great blog full of beautiful photos and a linking party on Friday.

And yes I'm trying a signature. The thought woke me out of a sound sleep the other night, so I am trying it. I like to sleep and why blogging woke me up I have no clue.


  1. All I can say is you are freaking amazing and inspiring!!!! have a fabulous day!

  2. Seriously amazing!!! I loveeeeeeeeee how you did these and loving all the goodies you added to them also!

  3. Wow! Wow! Wow!

    My jaw is on the floor - these rock.

    Now I'm wondering if I have the skills to pull this project off.... tempting.

    I'm pinning this. You did great!!!

  4. OMG...
    resuscitation needed!

    That is so far out there COOOOOOL!
    They look amazingly groovy with the mirror too.

    Jump up and high five, chica!!

  5. OOOO MMMMM GGGGG! I am soooo in love with your bottles! You MUST make a lamp for us all to see! Thanks for linking to me!

  6. You ARE amazing, I saw the end results first and thought you had bought them, then I see the clear glass container and I think----OMG-She made them, you are AMAZING!

  7. As I said in my e mail last night these jars are freaking amazing and you should be selling them!!

  8. I made it to your blog..Love what you've done. Never seen those shimmer mod podge. Where did you get those?

    Amazing work!! It looked like vintage mercury glass, like the old xmas ornaments.


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