Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Happiness Wall Hanging: March Scraptastic Kit

I am not a big fan of stickers. Thicker stickers that are more chipboard like are OK, but still, I always feel hindered almost. Once in a great while I will use a Jolees and then there are letters that are stickers and don't bother me...

So, when I spotted the March challenge at Scrapbookers Anonymous I thought oh fun, for someone else!!!

I spotted some really cool pages made by the DT and I felt my resolve soften just a wee bit.

And then I got looking at my March Kit from Scraptastic and combined with an urge to create this arch-way with this quote...I decided to give it a whirl. I knew I didn't want any photos so I was going to have to rely pretty heavily on items that were cut on my cutter, the quote itself (thanks Helen), and my newest kit from  Scraptastic since I really don't have a bunch of stickers.

Also linking this up to A Diamond in the Stuff:  Time to Shine Party because I love her blog. Check out her store with those rolled paper wall hangings and her adorable little desk!

The nice part about a kit though is typically things match pretty well. And, there was this really neat popped up Mind's Eye sticker with a sun and a rose that I wanted to use very badly. Do you have that same problem? You get hung up on one item and next thing you know....an entire page or project gets designed around it?

I also wanted to put a nice dent in my kit and also use some recycled items.

I did take some process photos since this is a pretty big project.

I started with this arch purchased locally. I believe basket makers use these as handles. I then took some of the kraft paper in the kit and embossed it with a wood embossing plate.

I really wanted the look of wood behind things.

Now this frame is 14 inches wide, so I figured strips would make it look like wood slats. I also had to plan accordingly with my paper "hills" since standard paper is smaller.

Here is a photo of my "white wood" so I had a nice base to start with.

As you can see, I sprayed quite a bit of the whole thing white. I also attached a larger sized piece of paper on the back with hot glue. The spray also served to hide my hot glue "calk" I used to finish the edge where the paper attached to the frame.

And just a quick shot of some misting. I combined the mist that came with my kit with some glimmermist and then a VERY THICK coat of modge podge and glitter. Like a 1/3 of the bottle and drying time was around 48 hours!!! Seriously though, I absolutely love how it turned out!

Yes, the mist is all over my work surface. It does wipe right off though, no worries.

Here is a close up of the wood and also the quote from George Holbrook Jackson. 

The big brown letters came with my kit, but I filled in a few of the other letters with ones I had already to get a nice artistic look. 

My little house made me very happy too. I purchased the cutting file from Silhouette and the house itself was a card, so very easy to turn into this with the nice double sided paper from my kit.

The little green flourish at the top of my house was a gift from Helen  as was the rose by the H in Happiness and made me happy!

Can you see where I have tucked in some cardboard all modge podged down? And my flowers were found all the way down in PA in a small little craft store. Of course the tree has various button stickers on it. The grass was inspired by some gauze I spotted made by Helen on this page.

I am really pleased on how this turned out. I haven't made something like this lately. Most of the items used were from my Scraptastic kit as well, so I really felt like I show cased the paper and also made a big dent in my new purchase.

And the moral of the story? Don't judge a sticker challenge by it's stickiness! (I think I counted 11 stickers used here!)


  1. Hi! this looks so cute! beautiful scene! and i have heaps of stickers that i need to use up one day!!

  2. Love how it turned out, Mitra. It makes me happy just looking at it. I especially like your little house.

  3. Wow, this is absolutely fabulous! Love the arch format, the woodgrain background, the cute house and all the fabulous details. It has a wonderful happy feeling to it. TFS!

  4. Wow! Wow! Wow! This is just absolutely fabulous! Soooooooooooooo creative!

  5. Wow, Wow, WOW!!!!! This is seriously the coolest most eclectic piece of artwork since, well, since your last coolest piece of eclectic artwork, but totally different and AMAZING!
    I see your loving the woodgrain embossing folder. :) Totally useful and it works perfect with this creation. Love all your textures! One of my favorite places in the world is in Kansas City and it's called Kaleidoscope. It's a walk through museum for kids and it's a MUST that you touch EVERYTHING! Every piece of art must be touched to enjoy the textures and when you're done with the walk through, you get to make your own huge puzzle and then apply all kinds of textures to it. Your work would be perfect in a place like this!
    Most inspirational art.
    I'm off to the post office right now. ;)

  6. Mitra! How cool is this? i love it. Amazing job.

  7. Oh my goodness this is absolutely gorgeous!! I am loving that woodgrain embossing folder you have - let me know which brand it is will you - you are getting me hooked on these dies!! Great job!!!


  9. Absolutely completely my favourite of all fave's..... I LOVE it.... looked like it was a bucket of fun, too:):)

  10. I LOVE this! I always love how you layer different items to give your pieces such depth. :)

  11. This piece is so awesome Mitra! I don't know how I missed it. The wood grain background is fabulous but you totally stole my heart with the ribbon grass and little flowers. Beyond fantastic!!!!!

  12. This is really cool! I really love all your layers and attention to detail. That embossing folder is awesome.....and now on my list of "needs". :) Thanks for much for sharing and playing along with us at Scrapbookers Anonymous!

  13. this is fantastic. Sooooooo cute!!!! love it. THanks so much for playing along with us at Scrapbookers ANonymous and digging into your stash =)

  14. A wood grain embossing folder???? What, when, where???? Mitra - this is FABULOUS - just absolutely FABULOUS. You go girl!!!

  15. I don't use a lot of stickers either but this challenge was born by the quantity I've accumulated. I've developed a new fondness for them in doing this challenge. And you totally rocked it! You definitely made them work for you. I absolutely love this! Thanks for joining in the fun at Scrapbookers Anonymous!!!

  16. Wow, this is absolutely stunning, to say you're not a fan of stickers you have really rocked this challenge. Thanks for joining us at Scrapbookers Anonymous.xxx

  17. Oh my gosh... this is amazing!!! Its beautiful... I love you... Totally Awesome... Thanks for joining in the fun at Scrapbookers Anonymous!!!..HUgs...xoxo

  18. Mitra, this is so gorgeous. You did such a great job!!

  19. THIS IS AMAZING. I found you from ModPodgeRocks! and what a great find on Amy's part! Just love it :)


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