Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Random Thoughts on a Tuesday or Cows with Guns

So, the other day we went to the school for this Girl's Night Out thing.

The cheesecake was fabulous!

We had fun although one lady was determined to sell me these awesome nails that press on like stickers and then you zap them with a hair dryer and voila! They are sealed to your nails. I was like, oh they rock, but...I am too messy for those. And she was like, but this lady I know that has horses...

I was thinking that telling her about the staining abilities of alcohol inks but that would take too long. Or the fact that I have had a silver with black speckles nail on my right index finger for at least three days due to spray painting issues. Horses do not use paint. And I did love those nails....Just not enough to avoid my craft room for the 20 some days they stay on.

Forgot that I had toes that would look nice in them though. I don't paint with my feet. Although official sandal weather should not start here for another two months, I may have dragged mine out already. So there is still snow some mornings...

Anyhow, the awesome part was that there were prizes.

Lexi took all our tickets and put them in the bag for this orange necklace set she thought was awesome. I had to agree. It was pretty awesome. The more awesomer part was that she won though. We both grabbed the phone the next day in different parts of the house so I got to hear both sides of the conversation. I think she stopped breathing.

She is pretty funny these days. Yesterday she hummed Slip Sliding Away by Paul Simon to annoy her father who claimed the song got stuck in his head. He isn't a big Paul Simon fan for some reason. He is also a tie-dye hater. It is a good thing I didn't know either of those two things when I married him.

But anyhow, much later he shows up at the kitchen counter where we are assembling Chucks and Turduckens (more on that in a bit) with his iphone to play us a song he thought would stick in our head. He went through four or five songs 'til we pronounced him a winner.

Here was his winning song:  Cows with Guns. It WILL stick in your head all day and has some language and is quite wrong. But, oh is soooo funny.

And a shot of the Turkduckens and the Chucks. Chucks are Chicken Ducks and have the puffy feet. Turkduckins are Turkey Ducks (and maybe chickens?) and have the big pipe cleaner feet.  Don't ask me. I was only trapped there as I had to share my glue gun. The horrors!

OHhhh! Since this is a purely random post, don't forget, I have offered up a prize to whomever left me a comment that they played along with Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge. I have one left!!! There are a couple of days left on both challenges...and if you are a mister, this plastic doily rocks!

So, have fun today and don't blame me if you are humming Cows with Guns...blame THE MAN.


  1. Did I tell you I played along at AFSC? I'm sure you know anyway. I'm only mentioning it' cos 'til I buy some of that TH stuff, I can't make my own crackly embellies & I LOVE them so much, maybe I could win yours & that will save me getting messy hands & not being able to wear heated nail things???!! Now THAT'S a v random thought, since I'm not the make up girl in any shape or form!!!!!Have a good one:):)

  2. loving the cows with guns!

    This is the unfortunate song that is stuck in my head at the moment - the dancing is VERY special...

    men do not wear enough unbottoned to the near waist shirts anymore...


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