Friday, March 9, 2012

Some Greenery Around the Joint

This little fun plantscape was supposed to be for the top of my desk, however, I haven't quite got around to getting an idea for anything OTHER than a plant or three.

And, I'm a bit sketchy on putting this on top of my desk now since I discovered the Fiend Eragon T.H.E. C.A.T. munching and crunching it's leaves.

Do you really think that adorable fuzzy baby is capable of eating my plant? Yes, he only look innocent and only when his eyes are closed.

And, here is a shot from above. Yes, that IS my turtle shell you spy. Not sure if this is it's final resting area.

Linking this up with Diamond in the Stuff for her party!


  1. That cat cannot possibly be the one to eat your plants...he's way too cute:):) And LOVED your cards [flat is great for posting!!] for the school....& adored your packaging:):)

  2. Looking good! Now I see the mushrooms destination!! Very nice!! Typical cat eating on the leaves....


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