Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Showering with a Turtle and High Speed

It occurred to me as I put lunches together this am that I never removed the turtle shell from the upstairs shower. THE MAN was up there showering and I wondered what he was thinking about his wacko wife. Yes, I know I wrote turtle on my title. Adding the word shell didn't have the same impact of weirdness.

So, spring is in the air here although there are still huge patches of snow and I manage to find the one patch of ice to slip on when I go outside. I was inspired by spring to move some things around in the corner of my office where I scrap this past Sunday, which involved going through a few drawers and throwing a few things out.

Found this turtle shell that was brought back from a trip by our dear UG. Yes, that is what we call him. Stands for Uncle George. Pretty much you usually get a nick name around here whether you like it or not.

He found the shell in a river area that had been flooded. It had obviously been there for a while as it was sun bleached and minus the actual turtle.

Yes, this shell was in some of the drawers I cleaned out. Don't you all keep your spare turtle shells in with your craft stuff?

Decided the new storage spot of my floor wasn't working and threw the whole thing in some bleachy water yesterday. And did remember to rinse it off and set it on the shower for drying...and then of course left it there.

To his credit, THE MAN never mentioned the turtle shell this am. I think that the 20 some years we have been hanging out he has learned important lessons like don't ask questions or you might just get the answer which may not help at all.

So anyhow, this turtle shell will eventually make it's way into this plant thingie I am making. The top of my desk depresses me and after dusting it on Sunday I came up with a plan to change it up a bit so it would make me smile. Hoping some greenery helps.

Pretty much I camp out at my desk all day so, happiness at your desk is important. So is high speed internet.

On that same note, the dudes running high speed all over the county were out in front of my house yesterday. I do love choices, especially ones that will save me money, so I wandered out to get the mail and ask questions. I traded the Victoria Secret catalog for one of their brochures. THE MAN said, did you really? And then stopped asking more questions because really, it was pointless.

Of course I did.


  1. Lol love your way of thinking Mitra. My desk is covered with hand made buttons atm and embellies, no room for even a leaf let alone a pot plant!!

  2. Will this shell be covered in UTEE or perhaps TH products or will this shell remain in it's natural form. Either way I'm looking forward to seeing the desk revamp. It does need to be a happy place, I agree. :)

  3. Hmmm must have lost my turtle shell in my crafty cuoboard somewhere, must clean it out!! You make me laugh as always my friend. My husband would have just given me THE LOOK and also not passed comment - we have trained them well...


  4. Hahaha - sure they loved THAT trade!! That is one interesting piece of crafty stuff you have there - nope I can't say I've ever gone that far LOL!

  5. Ha ha ha this brought such a smile to my face, of course I keep a turtle shell in my craft room, I thought we all did "wink"along with some other sort of crazy that only another crafter would under stand. Thanks for sharing..


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