Friday, March 9, 2012

You're a Good Egg

So, they are having this fund raiser at the school tonight. Girl's Night Out is the name of the event, which reminds me of one really late night on Market Street, dancing, size 7 Maria, and lots of wine, but I think that it will only be lots of vendors selling purses and free dessert.

I offered some cards for their raffle. Cards are wayyyyy easier than being on the PTA. I considered it for two seconds, the being on the PTA thing and it sounded like a) lots of extra work and b) something that it would take me a very long time to fit into.

Any given day finds me in a t-shirt, jeans (quite possibly with paint or modge podge on them), inky fingers, hair in a pony tail, and stompin' boots. Purse purchases happen once in a blue moon when I have finally killed the one purse I carry. But don't worry, I'm bringing Lexi. She will make sure I spend money AND eat lots of dessert.

These cards are a 'lil flat by my standards. I like a nice card that must be sent in a box or at least tied to something minus an envelope 'cause it's bulky! But I figured I probably should try to make something other people would use...with envelopes. ;-)

And, lets not forget about the packaging. The girl who is organizing the event was telling me my item had to be to so and so by a certain date because it had to be wrapped all pretty. She doesn't know me well, I assure you. I don't need help wrapping something pretty!!! A recycled clear card box, a doily, and a yellow rose, fun!

These cards assisted in my killing of the January Kit from Scraptastic. There is nothing like a few paper scraps of October Afternoon with some German Stickers to make some really pretty cards.  Not to mention a card with the sentiment of:  You're a Good Egg. I mean, seriously, how CAN you go wrong with that?


  1. Nice cards with an old time flavor and 'Country' all together... I hope they adcded $ to the fund raiser. What a good use of scrap making materials when you are asked to do smething to help.

  2. gorgeous cads sweet and simple!!! I adore the packaging...especially that yellow doily!!!!!

  3. Outstanding vintage looking cards! Flat perhaps, by your standards but perfection nevertheless.
    They remind me of the old seed package cards. LURVE them!

  4. Right up my alley - fun cards and a night out. Ahhhh, I miss size 7 Maria! I want to win those!!

  5. Mitra,

    That good egg sentiment was my favorite as well. LOL I think your cards are awesome and I'm sure they helped make a bunch of money for your cause!

  6. I'm loving your character of being in jeans and boots and marked with paint or craft stuff-evidence of the work you do. Oh! and I love your cards as well, so funky.


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