Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dragon Eggs

You will be seeing a lot more recycled items for a bit. Well, most likely for a very long while. Since I am big on that anyhow...but...

Recently I got asked to exhibit my work at the 3rd Annual Junk2Funk Show in Saranac Lake, NY. Now, I'm feeling a bit nervous even thinking about it. It would have helped if I had gone to the show before and knew what to expect. BUT, I haven't. In fact, not even sure how they got my e-mail...although I list it here on this blog...

But, anyhow, back to recycling, this nest is from a brown bag ran through my shredder and molded into a bowl with copious amounts of shimmer modge podge. 

Drying time was at least two days! But, really fun to make my own nest!

The eggs were actually an experiment. My friend IRL Lisa said, do you think that you can do mercury glass eggs? Of course, I was minus the actual glass egg, so I decided to try it with metal wrapped paper mache eggs. Do you remember that metal tape I was talking about a few posts ago? Yes, that same tape. Some of which was embossed and then wrapped around the egg. 

For the record, alcohol ink doesn't like to stick much to this tape. Not like you think it would. So, I mixed mine with a bit more of the modge podge, stabbed the egg on the end with a piercing tool and let it dry for a while. 

Of course, a Mama Bird would stuff her little nest with some moss to make it soft for her eggs, so dyed up some cheese cloth for moss and added two metal embossed ferns. 

Lots of fun, this little project.

This just may end up at that Funk to Junk show if my daughter allows. She is loving it! If you recall, she has a fiend cat called Eragon, so loves magic, dragons, and things like that!


  1. freaking amazing......question why isnt it junk to funk???? LOL

  2. This look awesome I can just picture this in a shop window display. Gorgeous!!!

  3. Oh wow! Just wow Mitra! I LOVE those eggs, and the nest is gorgeous. Completely amazing project! Fantastic!

  4. Wow this is so cool and I just love the nest!

  5. LOVE those eggs, colours are amazing as is the texture & if I was your DD I'd sneak 'em into my room where they would stay 4ever:):):)

  6. This is just lovely!!! And congrats on the chance to exhibit your work! I know you will have AMAZING pieces to show off. :)

  7. Wow! this is amazing! well done on your creations of re-cycled materials.. i hope you have a lot of fun at the expo..

  8. Yeowee, what fantastic eggs. Really LOVE them. Cute nest too, I never thought of using a paper shredder.

  9. Eggs so gorgeous and just in time to display for spring, or Easter coming up soon! Very Dragon like, and thank goodness just wonderfully creative eggs!


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