Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Little Light in my Life

So, a while back in the midst of a dart gun war between two boys, one of my favorite lamps crashed and burned. It had been around since THE MAN and I got married and was a present. Of course, it was part of a pair of lamps...and searching for a new shade turned up nothing.

So, the sad broken shade-less lamp hung out in my closet. Seemed too "good" to throw away but was pretty useless.

While out junking two weekends ago, I learned a valuable lesson. Always carry dimensions to objects you are looking for in your purse. I spied this really dusty and musty glass shade that I "thought" would work but wasn't for sure. No need to spend a whole $6 if it wasn't going to work!

So, borrowed a tape measure and got dimensions off the shade in the shop. Came home and realized indeed, I should have purchased it.

Of course, it then takes forever to make your way back that same shop and get your prize!

I have the living area painted a butter cream and am pretty fond of yellow roses, so it was a good match I thought.

Here is it's big brother, the floor lamp. Somehow I think they still sorta manage to match...

And a shot of my new beauty at night...

And, on the subject of light...here is a photo I took out our back deck...you can see the grass has not yet quite greened up yet, but it's really working on it. It was such a pretty morning with fog and I managed to convince my little point and shoot camera to capture it even though I was looking into the sun. 

Hope today finds you peaceful and full of light yourself. 


  1. BOOTIFOOL sunrise. I'm off to my once every two months Stampin' Up day, so I'm gonna have a great one! Hope yours is all good too:):):)

  2. WOW WOW indeed neautiful especailly lit up at night!!!!! a real stunner good job!!


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