Friday, March 16, 2012

Frame for Lisa from Kansas

So, this past Friday I got a sweet little box of goodies in the mail from Lisa and also this prize card of hers that I offered to convert into a scrapbook page. Forgot how thick the little canvas was going to be so opted to go with a deep box.

Yes, that is the point of that photo at the top of items only someone slightly crazy might love. Went junkin' on Sat. while Luke was at a three hour birthday party. I can do a lot of damage with that amount of time and two second hand shops.

Don't worry, all these items will become much prettier shortly. WELL, in theory. You never know how something might look when you try what you think you are going to try and then it doesn't actually work that way...

BUT, anyhow, the FRAME all the way there in the back? The very ugly blue frame? With chicken wire?

My first thought when I spied it was chicken wire? Did you see my previous post where I may have admitted a slight CHOOK phobia? (chook means chicken in Australia and I'm trying to start a trend here in the States). My second thought was that it needed to be fixed in a big way. I sold myself on buying it for $6 with the theory I'd use it for two different projects. Firstly, if could overcome my chicken wire aversion was to use the wire as a stencil for mists. And then the box/frame would be an altered project.

Tomorrow you can see my wire/mist attempt.

Today, you see a much nicer box. Thank goodness.

The inside part of the card is waiting for a Lisa photo and then can be shipped to her!!

So, one process step so you can see that not all is easy when you are working with a junk item!

See those things that look like mountains? That is old old old hot glue!

And I thought gesso would melt them away? Nah, I wasn't sure what I was going to do.

Ended up covering cardboard with canvas, adding another layer of gesso and misting to make that rainbow background. So kinda glad the mountains of glue made me do it!

The little ruffle ribbon on the bottom was made to correspond with Lisa's ribbon above and came out of my stash. I had gotten a nice chunk of rainbow dyed lace from Eye Candy Magic that I cut up in strips and then rumpled.

The metal buttons are some from my stash and say something about military equipment in what I believe is a bit of a joke..

And, a bit about Lisa's Card. You know, you see all these things on-line and they are much bigger or smaller in your head. Her little ITTY BITTY TINY girlie is adorable in real life. Like she is a fussy cuttin' queen!

And, do you spy those weird little doilies in the photo on top? More on that tomorrow!


  1. I never dreamed that card would be in something SOOOOOO beautiful! Mitra, I UBER LOVE this. :D
    GORGEOUS frame, the rainbow trim is wonderful and that rainbow mesh ribbon. I know EXACTLY where this is going!!! :D
    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
    LOL...Military equipment...Hahahaha.
    As for your FM finds, you scored! Incredible finds there. Can't wait to see the befores and afters.
    Have a great weekend my friend....
    Signing off with a HUGE smile. :D

  2. No wonder Lisa is so've made a great job of it...MUCH better without the 'chook' wire!
    Alison xx

  3. How absolutely fabulous.. i never know what creation i will see when i come by here.. you certainly have a lot of fun creating and re=cycling!!

  4. OH-- SOOO gorgeous. Love the rainbow like frame. The crumpled lace at the bottom is a favorite part. You have scored again, Mitra, very clever.

  5. Wow that's a big job but it looks stunning!! And I love your finds! That chocolate tin is perfect as is and those doilies are to die for!! They will make the most AWESOME masks!!!

  6. Thanks for the read Mitra If I was pumpkin I wouldn't venturing outside to often encase I turned out to be the I did have to laugh about your husband thinking you were interrupting his hunting show too funny seems we all have one of those models. Anyway you did a great job on the recycling and the little dish is cute. Have a great weekend. xox

  7. Mitra, this is just gorgeous! I love the rainbow crumpled lace at the's all just stunning! I saw your question about Paper Thrills...there is no place to upload. It's a challenge blog, but there is no prize or anything. If anyone plays along, they usually post their link in the comments of the post, or the upload it on the Facebook page. It's such a small blog, though, and not many people ever take part. I would love to see what you make...I know it will be beautiful, as always :)


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