Friday, March 2, 2012

Oh Wee Little I love you!

Sooooooo, last night THE MAN came up and sat on my couch in my office/craft room. I was picking up. It's something I always am in the process of doing. Well, it's something I tend to do when someone is watching....

I handed him this lamp body and asked nicely if he would "fix it" so my lamp shade would work. It was the old style that connected in at the top while my shade was the new style that goes under the light bulb.

He sighed, left and came back with it all fixed. I happened to say all happy as I put it together: Well, do you like it?

There was a long silence while he calculated on whether saying no would hurt my feelings or not.

He finally said something very important:  No, not really, but you do so that is all that matters. 

It is VERY frilly. Almost peacock like in it's massive flowers, glitter, and feathers.

Does it remind you of a bird? Or perhaps a fancy hat with feathers?

Good thing it's not the old days 'cause I'd want a hat like that. And then THE MAN would have to look at it all the time. 

Lessology has a challenge up entitled Flights of Fancy. So, hope the answer to the above two questions were yes since that was what I was going for!

Crazy blooms I tell ya! The lace is hand dyed and something I picked up locally. Used the coffee filters that were under the lace while dying to make those blue green flowers with the white edges. More rolled roses, and some ferns....

The orange blooms were from Helen AGES and AGES ago and unearthed while cleaning the flower box. She also sent the feathers so lovely and creamy. 

More doilies from Irini, think I finally used up my stash and that big ole butterfly is from my March Scraptastic Kit.

And, do you remember that post I did earlier this week where I said my downstairs Spare Oom was like polishing a turd a blank slate? This lamp will be perfect down there. There isn't much to look at...

Does anyone else think it's weird if I have two lamps on a side table? I mean, I will get a little doily to put under both...and maybe something else.....

Come honest. Is it weird?

I can take it! It's Friday! ;-)

Linking this up with the party over at One Artsy Mama!

Have a great weekend!


  1. I loveeeeeeeee how your lamp turned out!!! LOVING the colors and the flowers! Thanks so much for playing along with LESSology!!!

  2. Wow! Love your shade. That is a work of art. And the two lamp table thing. Well the small lamp is art so it needs the big lamp to really shine!

  3. If I could do a back flip and not put myself in traction, I'd do one over this lamp!
    Despite the MAN's honest opinion, the crafter and flower child in me, thinks it's the bomb.
    Weird that you asked if two lamps looked odd together as I never blinked when I saw it. Of course they go together wonderfully.
    My brain had a thought though. You mentioned the big feathery flowery of those adorned the top of the big lamp would look pretty awesome to compliment the mini lamp. ;) Sort of tilted off to the side. You know what I mean...
    LOOOOOOOOVE this!!!

  4. Love the lamp. You found a very special home for it. The two lamps are like you and Nate.(big strong man with artsy little lady) They go well together.

  5. swoon...I love all those fabulous blooms! gorgeous work! Thanks for joining us at LESSology!

  6. OK, gonna be honest [you did say to be!], saw the lamp, agreed with The Man...BUT as soon as you put both together on the table, strange as that may seem, it really, really works. Please keep them together - they balance each other out...sort of like 2 pieces of a whole. A completed art installation:):):) Or a couple that are opposites, but together compliment each other beautifully. That's your lamps:):)

  7. I think it's a really cool and novel idea to have those 2 lamps side by side and I think it will be perfect in your spare room - a real show stopper - pretty!!!

  8. Love it.......awesome creation:)

  9. I LOVE the wee littler,
    frilly lamp aand it makes me think of New Orleans flowery hoopla!... and blow those big trombones in cheery decor with both lamps shining the light of JOY! THE MAN may be less enthusiastic, but it is lighting up all of our days! :-)

  10. Wow! What amazing details and colours! Love your take on the Flights of Fantasy challenge! :)

    P/s: I think the lamp should stand alone on a smaller's spectacular! :)

  11. This is stunning.
    I just love the colours and those flowers are gorgeous.
    Thanks for playing with us at LESSology x

  12. Beautiful!!
    thanks for playing!

  13. Soooo pretty and it certainly brings some life to the other lamp! This is gorgeous and your details are magnificent! Thanks for playing at the LESSology challeng!


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