Thursday, March 22, 2012

Clear Vintage Page Charm Tutorial

Lately I’ve been thinking about cracks. Noooo, not the kind where you spot some dude bent over and he forgot to wear a belt…the kind where you appreciate them for the item’s age. So, lovely cracks!
I also have been trying to find a good use for these German stickers I have in my stash. So, decided to pair them up with some metal pieces I had and apply a crackle finish.  You may have spotted my hand made embellishment on my last page at Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge.

These are pretty simple, just the drying time takes a bit so be prepared to wait overnight.
Assemble your ingredients.

As you can see here, I have a clear shaped back that I punched (you can easily hand cut as well) to sit behind the sticker. I using a bit of some Tim Holtz packaging but really any clear heavier plastic will do. 

Next, stick the sticker to the top of the clear piece and assemble for glue.

I like to tape my back in. After making about 10 of these, I have determined that packing tape is better. Some glue will creep under the metal, but the tape does a good job of keeping most of where it is supposed to be.

Now, the Crackle Accents glue I am using from Ranger makes larger sized cracks. I do have some new glue I am trying that is more like a paint that makes smaller crackles. 

Basically fill the entire metal bracket with a mound of glue. Like LOTS. It won't look pretty as it will be sitting all lumpy in the middle. Here comes my secret which I completely discovered by accident. 

Now, the secret ingredient here for BIG crackles is adding a bit of rubbing alcohol to urge the glue to flow better. I like to add enough where it looks nice and smooth. You can add it via a dropper or an empty glue bottle. See, I was adding a bit more glue at one point and accidentally added alcohol which was in a similar bottle. Those turned out the best! ;-)

Also, you can add a bit of color with glimmermist and add sparkles at this point. I threw in a couple of pearls while I was at it. 

After it dried, I inked it up a bit with ink. 

This same concept will also work for clear heavier chip board using the same concept. 

If you give this a try, let me know! 

Of course, you could play along with the two challenges that are running and use it there! ;-)


  1. Hi there.. you have been busy blogging.. I have had to go down 3 posts to catch up... Thanks for sharing your crackling.. these badges look wonderful.. and the wedding tin is amazing.. you certainly CAN make a silk purse out of a sows ear...that is a saying in Australia by the way...your new lamp looks fabulous...and your morning photo is stunning... and your journalling always brings a smile to my face.. you write so light heartedly about everyday life!! xx

  2. Hey, thanks VERY much, Mitralee ~ I'm gonna have to buy some crackle accents. I love how you've done these, so I'm going to have a go... it might just replace my bottle tops as my embellie-of-the-moment!!!!!!

  3. Fabulous! Love what you've shown us here!

  4. This is amazing love it will have to try it!!
    thanks for the tutorial!!

  5. Fabulous!I love it so much. xx

  6. Wow, these are awesome! And what a great discovery. I don't have Crackle Accents, got to go get some. I wonder if you would have the same effect with Rock Candy crackle paint. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Great tutorial - can't wait to give it a try - need to buy me some crackle accents first though - I have clear rock candy crackle paint by TH - don't know if that will work...and what is rubbing alcohol - is it the same as Benzine?


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