Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentine's Day Cards

Just a few shots of some cards I dreamed up for Valentine's Day. Photo taking has never been easier these days. I took this photo in five minutes. Granted it was freezing cold outside...which tended to make the photo shoot go VERY quick!  But I asked them nicely to put on a nice outfit so I could take a photo. Insert hot pink dress and roses for Lexi and we were set! 

Making the cards wasn't all that bad either. Early Sat. am a small person arrived upstairs and threatened to raid my supplies for hand made Valentine's Day Cards. She stated quite firmly in fact that we had all the supplies we needed and did not need to make a shopping trip.

Of course, she was right. Randomly we have enough pink card stock, stickers, and envelopes to get her set up to make all the cards she needed for her entire class. After she left, I took stock in the items I had left and decided to make my own cards.

I challenged myself to use up an older sheet of Stampin' Up paper, a sheet of kraft, and some green leaves I had in my stash.

I was inspired to make these soft silky blooms after spotting a roll of this creamy soft silk ribbon my SIL sent me in a recent package.

I also found a better way to get the edges of my ribbon to curl. I used a candle to slowly melt them. Also, outlined my flower using a sharpie so got that black edge I like a lot.

Here is a close up of the clear front I made that slides off the card itself with the flower. I think it's a lot of fun and gives the card movement.

Lots of fun to make and a huge thanks to my kids for the awesome photo and to my daughter for challenging me to look within my stash for good stuff!

Linking this up to A Diamond in the Stuff, lots of GREAT items in her linking party!


  1. What a great idea to use the photo on your Valentine's!!! And loving those flowers!! Beautiful! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. Mitra, you make such wonderful things.

  3. Very nice greetings card you have there.Thanks for the tips and sharing this stuff,

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  4. These cards are really something else Mitra. Love, love, love the flowers, I must try and do some but I bet they don't turn out like yours.Gorgeous photo too.

  5. These are so beautiful!! What a lovely photo you used! I think the fact that it is so bright and snowy is making for such awesome photos! (of your work I mean...)

  6. You do have a very clever girl - mine would use the excuse to go shopping every time....

    Greta idea, really like the clear cover as well - and the photo is perfect. xx

  7. Your Valentines are just wonderful, Mitra!
    LOVE those flowers!!
    You do remember my little fiasco with the crayons and iron, right. Are you sure you want me to play with open flames? LOL

    But my gosh, they look soooo pretty. Love that black inked edge. Way cool.

  8. gorgeous !!! such a great idea .. hugz to you xoxo

  9. Like how use the photo on these cards...I wish to use it in Gift Card envelopes.


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