Thursday, February 23, 2012

Polishing a Turd OR a Blank Slate

When we were looking at houses, my big excitement with the house we purchased was that there was a HUGE basement that had a TON of room It wasn't "pretty" but some paint would help. 

A long North Country winter is always better with more room, a spot for messy crafts, and a nice guest room. SO, big selling point for me. 

Shortly after moving, a plugged drain tile in our back field caused the drain in the floor of the basement to back up and most of the basement was under a couple of inches of water.
We "think" we have fixed the problem. However, as is the case with water, you never do know. So our plan  this winter when we started some work in the basement was really to do low budget things like paint. 

Here is a before shot of our downstairs bedroom prior to moving. In fact, this photo was from when we were looking at the house with the agent. 

Here is messy shot of things when we are moving them around ready to paint. 

Sorry about the title, but that is what my husband chose to call this project. My personal title would be blank slate due to the white walls.

As you can see, the ceiling is textured, which made painting along the edge VERY difficult. Came up with a clever plan to deal with it. I'll share here shortly. 

Now, due to the fact this room has no windows, it is nearly impossible to get a good photo. 

We typically would ADD a smaller window towards the ceiling as that is something we did at the old house, but that is at least a day long project and this room is not used enough to warrant that. And, again, to quote the hubby, we're not trying for amazing here. We're just looking for nicer, cleaner, and more comfortable. 

Here is our new updated room painted with Eddie Bauer Home Valspar Weathered Glass paint, tan cement paint, and a white baseboard molding. 

The antique dresser was something we picked up in our truck on the way to our new house on moving day from my friend Kristy. They had also moved and although it was family heirloom, it was taking up space in their garage. Plus, the beveled glass had cracked in the mirror. Got that fixed here locally by a guy who also was in love with this mirror, but minus the bevel since that was big bucks!!!!!

The bed frame also was part of the set, but so old it did not fit on an existing frame. It came with a larger sized headboard and the smaller sized piece you see here. We opted to use the lower piece for stability as we had to cobble together the headboard to work the bed frame. 

And now for some close ups so you can see some of the things I am working with in this room. 

First up, the edge of the ceiling. 

There is NO WAY to paint this well. I ended up taking a paint straight edge and a can of white spray paint and touching up places I hit the ceiling. Those little tiny dots of whatever the heck it is? They are soft and fall off. So, while you are trying to not get paint on the ceiling, you are also trying not to get bits of ceiling in your eyes. 

Second, the huge gouges in the wall I failed to plaster. Thought the bed would cover it up and that is my story!

Thirdly, my furniture IS old and has signs of wear. BUT LOOK AT THAT MIRROR. Oh sorry, outdoor voice. 

And lastly, it's not amazing, but I painted the hardware in the closet so it would fade into the wall. The hubby tried to put the flimsy shelf back up but it was bowed and I begged him for something better.

Rummaging around in his barn, he found this awesome piece of wood that made me SUPER happy. 

You might be wondering why I am posting my "glitches" and not so perfect items in this room. 

There is of course a reason. 

Over at The Nesting Place she is hosting a "It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful" party. 

I did have to take a quick peek at what other people were posting. I must admit, I have butterflies showing you guys my "issues" and my basement!!!!

Felt better immediately.

Please take a quick gander at her website and enjoy the breath of fresh air she is giving us!

Thanks for wandering around my basement!  ;-)


 p.s. I really did mean it about blank slate. I have a cool over the bed piece of art planned and a new lamp! Not to mention the Spare Oom Wreath you spy on the wall.......


  1. Well when I saw your post title I must admit to being curious. Does it mean something different in the USA I thought. LOL I love your makeover, the colours are great and the furniture is amazing. I love antique and love that it shows some previous life too. I'm off to spy some more rooms!

  2. It's a popcorn ceiling and yes, they are a pain... I have always bought those cheap foam paint brushes (the ones that you can get from Michaels for like 19 cents a piece) to do the edges when it comes to a popcorn ceiling...

    Loving the way it looks!! That dresser you got from your friend is AWESOME!

  3. Very cool make-over. You have done a fantastic job of everything!Wish we had the room for a spare bedroom too!!

  4. You really didn't have to go to all that trouble but it looks absolutely perfectly wonderful for a Kansas dweller! :)

    Polish a turd...LOVE of my favorite sayings.

  5. It sure is a great room, much better place to catch a few ZZZZs!
    I love the summer sky walls, and the earth color floor.... it was so blah before. It is fantastic to tie it all together with the finishing touches in the bed ware/ bureau finishing. What a lof of work that all takes, even without perfection... Good job!Gretchen

  6. Wow! The dresser looks so much happier in a pretty room than in the garage!

  7. I just noticed the sign and thought about kids at a table at Declemente's drinking hot chocolate...

  8. I had to totally laugh over the title. Sounds like something my husband would say! I'm with you on the popcorn ceilings. We have them all through the house and they are a pain to paint near.

  9. I'm your newest imperfect follower from the nester's party-stop by for a visit!!

  10. Had to laugh at the title, I am wondering if turd means the same every where around the Love the colour you painted it I think I would be hanging out there more than my craft room. Gorgeous!!!

  11. The result looks great!
    Might want to look paints for more resource on paints


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