Thursday, July 9, 2015

Mad Eye Moody's Altered Candlestick for LESSology's Woodgrain Challenge

I have really been digging candlesticks lately...well, it might be because I keep finding really good single candlesticks at the secondhand store! And I'm pretty sure they are lonely so I take them home with me....

This one was awesome with some brassy gold and those crazy feet! I added some alcohol ink to accent the details and some dyed lace with a pretty flower. 

You might be wondering by now who exactly Mad Eye Moody is besides the character in Harry Potter. Well, we have a new pet chameleon here at Pratt Inc. that we named Mad Eye. She is exceptionally grumpy and perpetually looks around her home for her pet crickets. We would have named her something else if we had actually known she was a sometimes we call her Gizzard or Madeline...if you want to see baby photos, I blogged about her here!

My daughter made the font up for the little canvas & found the cricket graphic for me. She also pointed out that really cool metal & bead chameleon at the store that I used to perched on a real birch branch! It makes me happy every time I look at it!

What a fun project! I hope you are inspired to play along at LESSology for our Wood Grain challenge! I do hope it puts a smile on my grumpy lizard's face! We put it by her cage! 


  1. Sooooooooooo awesome!! LOVING this!!!!!!!

  2. Laughing here... my goodness.. what a name! love your lizard however.. how cute.. and fabulous candlestick makeover.. and i guess the bead chameleon is a reminder of what you might do to an exceptionally grumpy lizard if it all goes wrong!!!!

  3. I read through this entire post last week and swore I left a message! I LOVE your tribute candlestick with wood grain for your chameleon! That wire and bead one is amazing looking. Also, yeah you for offering a good home to destitute candlestick holders!

  4. Sure do miss seeing all of your creative talents in REAL life.

  5. Too cute! Very interesting & creative 3D project!!


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