Monday, February 1, 2016

10 Shades of Special: Memorandum Monday

One can really not judge when you personally bring home all kinds of odd things. Some of which clearly fall into the fugly category. You also can't complain when THE MAN is so very good about coaching one through various projects that require power tools. So with that in mind, when the $297.27 trainwreck of a Suzuki 4 x 4 showed up with a cracked windshield, road soda cup holders screwed into the dash, and a long story involving a scary lady in a house coat with two small children in a trailer missing some teeth...It's best to just offer to help.

I had planned on accompany THE MAN on the adventure that started early on Saturday, but since Luke has started to show an interest into things with wheels, particularly things he might drive with wheels I went grocerying instead.

Since it was Luke's adventure, I lurked in the background when the beast was rolled off the trailer with the help of the tractor and the boy at the wheel. When I asked questions as to why we weren't starting the car and actually driving it off, it sounded as if there were questionable brakes, a lack of power steering and something about a transmission. It was then best for me to just head back into the house.

In all fairness, I think the purchase was spurred on by the fact I had a hen party at the house. Those are THE MAN's words not mine. A bunch of us got together to make some cards and scrapbook pages. The boys spent the afternoon in the garage with cutting torches and cutting wheels dismantling the 4 x 4. I think they are are planning some kinds of woods vehicle and chasing away the winter blues by welcoming spring fever.

Dismantling discoveries included a set of spike antlers still with deer fur on them, $2.73 in spare change, and a mouse nest complete with a mouse in the headliner, The other discovery was that my youngest likes to wrench and both had a most epic afternoon covered in grime. I learned that I don't have to be involved in every single adventure THE MAN has and it's OK to hang in the background and let the youngest get his hands dirty!

Happy wave over to Sian who hosts Memorandum Monday!


  1. Urgh, mouse nest! Sounds like they had fun: it's good to let the men get on with something every so often. Makes them feel useful and important :) Have a good week Mitra

  2. Don thinks that's really nice...can the MAN get him one? How are your welding abilities coming?...subtract then add?. Spray with metallic gold and surely you can transform the drink holders!!! Concerned about the mouse BIGTIME.

  3. ah gota laugh, bet they had fun doing blokey things like pulling apart the car.. winning with the lose change.. not winning with the livestock... scrapping with hens sounds like a good afternoon too!

  4. You really know how to tell a story! Love it! What an awesome adventure you let them have!

  5. Oh my gosh! Luke really is growing up! Sounds a a bargain & a great Bonding sesh for the lads!!! I'd be happy hen-ing & scrapping myself!!!!

  6. Oh my....the man cave is official now! That's going to be quite the gem once it's completed, I'm sure!


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