Monday, February 22, 2016

Memorandum Monday: With a Little Help from My Friends

I made french toast this weekend for the kids for dinner. THE MAN was away at Poker Weekend in Pennsylvania so it was just us chickens. Remember that from last year? I just enjoyed looking at the layout all over again while writing this post...

I was a big hero making breakfast for dinner. It reminded me though of the last Sayre breakfast that I attended. Our Senior Engineer made french toast. Mine was cold since nobody bothered to tell me it started at 7 vs 8. I assumed they "accidentally" forgot to tell me so they would have more bacon. Jack asses.

Don't miss Sayre or my old job. The office manager always reminded me of a monkey with a hand grenade. Since you never knew when he would pull the pin out, going there always made me slightly anxious. Thankfully I didn't get to see the explosion as lack of work laid me off. I reread a couple of posts I had written about work. The one on mice was funny, the one on my boobs not so much. Like I said, don't miss it.

Since THE MAN and I are planners and I knew work was getting slow, we have Option A, B, C, and D. Looking forward to seeing what actually unfolds and where I end up. I am right where I need to be, I just have to be patent and be open to reinventing myself. It would be easier if the industry I am in hadn't taken a down turn, but when life hands you lemons? Make a layout on lemonaide?

I told myself the last time I got laid off (had a kid in my belly then so 13 plus years ago) that I'd do a way better job at being unemployed and actually enjoy it. I have been enjoying it. I've had lots of adventures so far. Figured out who were friends and who weren't. Have had a lot of lunches out with friends and potential new bosses. In the scheme of doing something hard, this is on the easier end of things. It's not like I have to mourn losing a spouse or a sister like several ladies I know, or move my family to a new country, or even lose a pet.  The other day we had a nice little storm with freezing rain and I jumped on the tractor and figured out how to clean my own driveway.

I felt all kinds of empowered.

In a weird twist of how things work in my world, I have added my blog on one of my resumes. I'm interested in a more creative job this time 'round if I can pull it off. Wouldn't it be cool that something I've been doing on my own for me for the last five or so years helps me get my next gig?

And you my friends are also keeping me sane. Your fun little comments on my blog make my email ding and then make me smile. I started my blog up North so I'd stay creative and it's become a huge part of who I am and what makes me happy!

Hugs and Happiest of Mondays to you! Wish me luck!

And many thanks Sian for hosting Memorandum Monday so I have an excuse to write more, which is also something I totally love!


  1. Wow..Loved reading through it !I am inspired by how positively you look at things..with this outlook you will always find happiness in what ever you do !

  2. Your upbeat attitude is hopefully contagious to all who read it, and I feel like making some French toast myself as it's been literally years since I have done that! Maybe it will be as empowering as you whipping the snow and ice off your driveway!

  3. Mitra, you are emerging strong!!!...and your new opportunities may be more exciting than anything you have done before...
    a sudden breath of fresh air and new paths of discovery, and we all will love hearing about what you do. French toast is a sweet beginning...

  4. Wow, didn't realize what you have been going through. You sound VERY positive though, so I know you will land the BEST job yet. Keep us posted, and keep the creative vibes flowing strong so we have goodies to ohhhh and ahhhhh over.

  5. You're aRe inspiring in so many ways, through your friendship, creativity, and positive attitude, to name a few. I'm lucky to call you a friend!

  6. Aaah! Didn't realise that about the job situation- but it will work out I'm sure... Good luck & I remember the boob thing. Made me quite indignant... & im glad you're actually making an effort to enjoy & use this in between time to the fullest. All power to you!!!

  7. You are one AWESOME chick (don't laugh at my attempt to speak American)and you've got sooo much to give this world! You've been one of the awesome people who've helped me keep my sanity so GO FOR IT dear friend!!!

  8. I could see you as a writer for a newspaper or something like that.. you have entertained me for ages, and your adventures are wonderful.. all the best of luck, where ever you go I am sure you will bring your own sunshine!

  9. I LOVE the idea of putting your blog on your resume: it shows off so many skils and may well turn into a great talking point at an interview. You go for it!

  10. Good luck, Mitra! You seem to be my inspiration in all things.. (not that I want to put any pressure on you ;)), but you are! Things happen as they are supposed to... on to better things... it sounds like you needed it and yay for you enjoying the time and yay for you clearing the driveway!! That is impressive... I'm timid of all things mechanical.. afraid I'll break it or do it wrong... I think that's my biggest problem artistically hmmm... a pattern to be broken? Anyway, here's to upcycling your life :)! Show us how it's done!


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