Thursday, February 4, 2016

Vintage Hankie Heart Angel for LESSology

Totally dig how an upcycled curtain tie back complete with tassle, vintage lace, a used wooden heart frame, and a couple of vintage hankies came together to make a cool angel! I also ventured into something new...painting on glass! The tassle is for our current challenge over at LESSology! Hope you get a chance to play along! All this upcycling is really quite addicting!

That little shimmery angel head used to be a light bulb. I really had been trying to find a spray paint that was opalescent and kept coming up short. 

I did find a glass paint that had that shimmer I wanted so I painted the light bulb and baked it using the instructions on the bottle. I am loving the color! I did add a little gold spray paint to match the frame. And to think I was just going to throw out that little bulb...It's held in place with some hardware epoxied to a dowel. 

Check out the texture on that frame. 

I embossed a little foil tape, added it to my frame and then painted over it. Really love that look!

You can see behind the angel is some material. Since I cut the hankie in half, I was able to use the other half as a backing on the frame. The wings are a wood applique I purchased from Wood & What-Knots of Character. They got inked up and then I added some glitter! The wings were the only new things I used besides those Petaloo flowers. Love Petaloo flowers and their velvet leaves!

Loving this piece! Hope you get a chance to make something & hang with us over at LESSology!


  1. It is gorgeous!!!!! And now I need to get the Pebeo iridescent paint!

  2. Wow..A blub !! you are amazing in using unusual stuff.The Angel looks very Interesting and so does the foil with texture :)

  3. I've never painted on glass. Though I've never recycled a curtain tieback into something this lovely either!

  4. This looks amazing, you have excelled at this one.. just love the angel hankie.. and the transformation of the glass too.. amazing..

  5. That is all so clever! Just amazing how you get inspired.... Loooove the metal tape add, too:):)

  6. Painting on glass...what a good new direction for you...this looks yummy but I know I can't eat it! Have a great Vday.


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