Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Oh Owl Sticks!

I have been DYING to do something with those candle sticks I painted the other day. Since I rarely turn candle sticks into well, candlesticks...this is a bit of a change for me!

Love the shimmer of that paint! The  fabulous owls were made from clear stamps called From Owl of Us that are sold over at THE CUTTING CAFE SHOP. I know you are wondering why they have red eyes....hold tight and I'll show you!

Little heart gems! Aren't they sweet! I embossed them with sparkly black and then used water color pencils to color in the owls.

Look at them look at each other! I think they are saying, look at that snow! We finally got some!

Happy Hump Day!


  1. No... I think they're saying... We're freezing our beaks off! Why are we out here???... they are awesome and adorable! Love the heart eyes.. love the whole thing..

  2. Giggles at Lisa's comment! I love em & I love where they went 'home' to even more!!!! I'm thinking I might whip up some cards for the check out chicks this week.... Thanks for for the inspiration, you Lenten Lover!!! No worse job than scanning groceries I reckon !!!!

  3. Gosh...they are soooooo cute! Hope they are nice and cosy indoors now. :)


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