Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Pocket Letter Love

I have totally gotten addicted to these! I think it's due to my love of using up scraps! And all the fun little details you can add...This pocket letter was mailed off to a friend who is struggling at work. I wrote something encouraging on the back. ;-)

Totally love that vintage looking rose I used along with all the trendy arrows and that sweet banner!

The other thing that has got me excited are those little cups! Lisa over at Life of a BZ scrapper hooked me up with those! Love the glittery red paper! So pretty! I just free handed on a top and then lined it with glitter. Yum!

One more shot where you can see the edges of that big ole silver tray I just had to have...what a great prop!

Hope my friend enjoys these! Happy Tuesday!


  1. I am having such issues making comments this morning... is it me or is it blogger... idk... anyway, sorry if this is number 2.. so do I make it different or the same... if you get two it would be nice to keep both, but if only one and I didn't say everything...hmmm... how about this ... LOOOOVVVVVVEEEEE! This is so so pretty! And I love what you did with those cups. Didn't even recognize them in all their doodly goodness... I have been wanting to make one of these.. it does seem like fun and like it could be addicting. Maybe this weekend.. I should probably give my little bunny a home first though...

  2. LOVE this pl Mitra!!! I know this put a smile on your friend's face. :) xx

  3. Oh, how your friend will appreciate getting this wonderful creation! Each pocket is delightful!

  4. FABULOUS! Duck and water come to mind!! LOOOOOOVE the colours, the arrows, the flower - it is a beaut- the glitter is AWSEOME & the most awesomest of all the coffee cup...... ROCKING!!!

  5. These look lovely, a wonderful pressy in the mail that brings a smile!

  6. Very joy filled and cheerful- pockets of good love!


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