Wednesday, February 10, 2016


So you probably recall a week or so back when I wrote about these fabulous stamps I got in the mail from my friend Regina called From Owl of Us that are sold over at THE CUTTING CAFE SHOP. Well, I used them again to help showcase this cool photo of my niece Rebecca who made this upcycled jewelry owl. 

I embossed that pretty piece of turquoise paper with GOLD OWLS. They are so cute!

And since I wanted some bigger owls for my page, I then used her digital owls all printed out and colored from the FUN WITH OWLS printable set, which happen to have the same two owls that can be found in the clear stamps. ;-) Water colored them after I printed them out on photo paper. 

One more photo so you can see those clear gems I used to show off the pretty vintage jewelry Rebecca used to make her owl. I got text messaged photos of her project as she worked on it. She lives quite far away, so I haven't gotten a chance to see her owl in real life. She was very sad though because she didn't "win" the contest she had entered. I personally think this project is quite the winner as she recycled a frame, old vintage jewelry from her Great Grandma, and velvet from a pair of pants!

Love your project, Rebecca!

Happy finally middle of the Week peeps!


  1. Her owl is STUNNING! I love all the recycled bits she used and I agree, I think it's a winner too. Also, YOU are the rock star for thinking to use the stamps to emboss and create your own background. That's a super cute idea. Really wonderful page, Mitra and it certainly shows that you have an extremely talented family!!
    Lisa x

  2. So full of everything I love... and that project was awesome! All around... extra special that it was made from Grandma's jewelry... very very cool. And your page... the owls... the gold embossing.. and the way you put so many different papers together and they all make one wonderful layout!

  3. I loved "OWL" about it :D ! Those owl are cute n fun !

  4. Her owl is amazing....nice to see creativity goes right through your family... & upcycling! And I adore your owlish collection here...just perfection:)

  5. Why am I not surprised your niece has created such an amazing piece using recycled goodies... it must run in the family.. Her owl looks wonderful.. and I love the owls on your page too.. fabulous layout..


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