Monday, February 15, 2016

Memorandum Monday: Out for a Rip

Valentine's Day must make men crazy. Having spent an hour or two wandering around the big box store that shall not be named on Saturday...I saw men young and old carrying boxes of chocolate, potted plants, and roses. I must have missed the dude at the door collecting man cards because these guys all looked at least slightly sheepish and entirely awkward. One dude tossed a plant in disgust all while talking to himself...he said THAT IS IT I AM NOT SPENDING ANOTHER DOLLAR...leaving me to wonder exactly what the scoop was.

THE MAN decided he should take Suzy the Suzuki for a ride vs any purchasing shenanigans..despite the fact it's been below freezing for days now and ye ole Suzy there doesn't have doors or a heater....While out on our trails, Suzy decided she was not finishing the ride. Since it was getting dark (and colder) she was left out there for the night.

Bright and early on Valentine's Day THE MAN was out trying to get her started. No dice. I offered to help four times but he said he could handle it. I wasn't gunna argue since it's COLD OUT THERE. Looked out the laundry room window and Suzy was at the the top of the hill. The tractor was holding her from rolling down the hill. (Or down the hill, over the bank, and into the intersection if you have a vivid imagination). There is No Way one person can drive a tractor and also steer a vehicle at the same time. So donned my wool hat & gloves that I brought with me from the north over my wet hair and threw on a heavy coat. Showed up just in time to help tug Suzy down the hill with the tractor, THE MAN steered Suzy, and Luke spotted us all the way around the house and into the garage.

Got off the tractor and discovered my hair was frozen in a huge chunk. It went nicely with my running nose. The rest of the hair under the hat was actually dry but molded into hat hair. I had a fair bit of primping to do to get ready to go out to lunch for our annivesary!

Aside from learning that Valentine's Day makes men crazy? I also learned that in sub zero temps grabbing a cart from the parking lot is cold on the hands (wear mittens) but also great because you can skip the sanitzing stuff at the front of the store since the germs are all dead! Fun times!

Waving over at Sian who is the Memorandum on Monday girl!


  1. Oh this is good! You can add this to your collection of People, Foibles, and Delicious Behavior...

  2. Frozen hair! It's like that bit in National Lampoon Family Vacation where Audrey's eyeballs freeze ('s just not cold enough to do that here, so I'm finding it fascinating..)

    Have a great week Mitra

  3. Oh my gosh! What a fun [???!!!} day. I hope the Suzy gets working again soon. She was probably just looking for a little more love & attention since it WAS V day!!! We don't 'do' it here. Instead, we went out for breakfast... then had a swim [first for the season. yes, it was that hot. I don't swim, normally] Then he shouted me [& grumbled at the price] a Macca's sundae [ all of $3-50 - first one I've had in 10 years!!!] while he had a cone [40c]..... so all in all. Pretty good NOT V day!!!

  4. Oh you make me laugh! You really should have a job at a newspaper writing an article each day.. this is hilarious! I hope your hair thawed out!!!

  5. I love that vision of you with the frozen/hat hair! So funny!


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