Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Panda Pocket Letter & Killing a Kit

I have subscribed to Scraptastic Club for like forever. Since I tend to be a paper hoarder and 'cause I'm not working, I actually stopped my subscription for next month. This of course doesn't mean I will stop creating. You should see my paper stash...It's some what out of control at the moment! I am hoping the free time & lack of a monthly kit will help get the stash busted a bit.

I do try to use every little bit of the kit and in the same month I get them. With the holidays, I'm behind. One kit mainly contained scraps and one entire whole piece of paper. Usually I like most everything, but this particular piece of paper didn't make me happy. So I cut it into little cards and used it up! With little bits peeking out behind washi tape, splatters, and those pretty white titles that come in the kit, I'm in love!

Totally dig it when you can cut something and it fits across two differet pieces yet looks pretty on it's own...that World Traveler tag fits the bill! That came from Singapore & Yvonne and since this Pocket Letter may just be flying out of the US to a friend in another country...it makes even more sense.

You will have to indulge me on one last peek at all of the little cards on my tray...against the snow. So pretty!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Loved the colorful array of little cards !I can hardly imagine my self using these many pattern ,pattern papers I fail miserably when comes to using pps :(
    All the best with your stash busting ;)

  2. Well it looks superb as little card backgrounds.. pretty colors.. and you still got snow> we are expecting another few really hot days here, can you send over some snow please!!!

  3. Another beautiful pocket letter... I still have not made one... it's coming soon though... soon... you really dressed up that paper because there isn't one thing about this that I don't like...

  4. I'm another one who keeps talking about making a pocket letter but has never actually done it. I bet the lucky recipient will love this one

  5. It IS pretty....& GO YOU stash busting.....I'm sure Scraptastic will be waiting patiently for you once you start work again:) AND I think this is your prettiest PLetter EVER....it is simply SUPERB. You're becoming [dare I say it?] the Pocket Letter Queen!!!!

  6. This pocket letter demands attention, really love the bright colours , certainly packs a punch . Lucky person who receives this, love it

  7. I'm just now seeing this and I adore it Mitra. So colorful and cute!!! xx


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