Tuesday, February 9, 2016

NOEL Layout: Wrapping Up Christmas

I seriously had to dig down in the stash to find this paper. This particular piece I have been HOARDING. And when I say hoarding, I mean like it's been in my stash forever and each time I passed it I sighed a happy sigh and smiled...However, desperate times call for desperite measures. I have finally worked through most of the Christmas paper I have. Which means finally next year I'll have to order some. Oh the things to look forward to!

That main piece of paper really is the rock star in this layout, although that dog peeking from the corner is also top on my list, as are the photos of my two trees, and that Christmas family photo we took. Loving those doilies & the Noel words that came my way from Lisa at Life of a BZ Scrapper. They were just the delicate touch I needed to add some layering under my photos.

So glad I pulled this paper out and was able to make good use of it!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. It's a wonderful paper which looks perfect with those splashes of red you have added

  2. Firstly, NO FAIR :( I tried soooooooo hard to use up all my Chrissy stash so I could 'justify' a splurge for next Xmas....& YOU, my friend, BEAT ME TO IT!!! And excuse me....you've given Duncan a CROWN.....is there something Shakesperean in there we should know about??!!!!!!!!!! LOL.....that photo is fabulous. The page is fabulous. And Enjoy looking forward to buying stuff for Christmas;)

  3. Glad you finally used this pp because it looks sensational ! I love this, it is really eye catching. Really love your fur paper in the corner with the flower crown . This layout is a fave for me

  4. I can't believe I missed this! I spotted the doilies right away... you used everything perfectly here... it was like it was made for this layout! beautiful beautiful page.. and the dog is adorable ... I think it really makes the page... fun and quirky and adorable...


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