Thursday, August 18, 2016

BlackTulip Table with Marble Top

I could tell THE MAN missed me when I was gone. He actually worked on my table for me! I'll show you the part he did shortly, but let's take a peek at how pretty the black paint turned out. Love those tulip shapes now much better in black! I distressed it a bit too so it would look old. 

He made a frame out of a pine board for my marble! Even chisled the sides down for me so it fit nice and snug! Made painting it and attaching it a breeze! My table was the first thing I worked on when I got home over the weekend. Was so nice to hang out in the garage with a sander. 

I'm so happy I have a little table back to hold my Big Shot in my office. I gave up my other one for the fish tank that we moved. And if you are wondering what this table looked like before? I blogged about the Topless Hot Pink mess a few weeks ago! The actual table was around $5 and the marble top $10. A few cans of spray paint later, a pine board, and some sanding? Plus, this one has a drawer that I added some wood scallops to. A vintage rock star!

Hope your Thursday is awesomeness! 


  1. Looks BRILLIANT....great place for your Shot AND good on The Man for having it almost RTG when you got home! Love how you upcycle!!!

  2. A Man who can work with wood like that is a great man to have! Lucky you...and a beautiful finish to the table. Black is always so striking!

  3. This turned out most awesome!! Love it!


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