Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Lake George Layout: I like big boats I cannot lie

Ah the smell of paper, the feel of a roller running over the paper & adhering down pretty scraps! How I've missed you! I thought I'd start with a simple layout to get me back in the grove after being away for a week! I used a really big photo that I took out the back of the boat printed out on plain white paper as a background to my boat photo of THE MAN and Uncle Don. Aren't they cute? I had that song I Like Big Boats running through my head as I made this....oh wait, I think the song is a little different....

Are banners still a thing? I never know. I like them though. They work really well for scraps and by the time I was making this page, I had gotten down to those from my paper packet. I thought the photo of Lexi with her hair blowin' in the breeze worked well as a banner so I could fit three photos on my layout...

Incidentally the one photo that didn't make the layout was the floating tiki bar...Kinda wanted to try that at some point! Doesn't it look fun?

The epic part of this page is that it will actually fit nice and flat in a book. I know, it seemed weird to me as I made it...But I ran with keeping it simple!

Happy Tuesday! I'm back tomorrow with my Tim! Tag for August...again, nice and simple!


  1. Love this! Love the pics and I know what you mean... I'm gonna be away from all my stuff for 10 days!! Going crazy trying to get ready to go both at work and at home so I'll be visiting when I'm on the airplane Friday. Check your email... although maybe I should just text you... read your email and then text me and we'll do it that way :) ... see you soon!

  2. This looks fabulous! I love the use of all those photos and I love banners and think they are always a good idea! Love the photo of Levi with her hair blowing in the wind!

  3. Hah! It's happening to you too. I've gone all flat & sticking stuff down like I used to when I first started scrapping.... weird, huh? But it DOES feel gooood! And I bet that boat ride did too & my favest bit of this, which got me looking hard was the banner photo. First time I've seen one of those. BRILLIANT!!!!

  4. I love banners and I especially love Lexi as a banner: she's her very own flag fluttering in the breeze


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