Monday, August 29, 2016

Memorandum Monday: A Legend, Cupcakes & Spraypaint

I know! I am hanging out with a rock star and you guys are gunna be so jealous....we even crafted together AND went to Hobby Lobby...For those of you who don't know Lisa from Life of a BZscrapper, allow me now to introduce you to the legend herself. She is on eight trillion design teams though so you probably know her quite well already. Lucky for me she is originally from New York, so on one of her trips back, we planned a camping trip to Niagara Falls so I could hang with her.

We made a couple of things using spray paint. In fact, when THE MAN came back from visiting the falls with Lexi, he gave Lisa a verbal lesson on how to spray paint his way. My way is much more organic (drippy?) so I was glad he told her how to do it right. We even shanghaied one of the dudes running the campground in a yellow shirt to bringing us a drill bit to attach the knob to the canister. I will bet you a vanilla cup cake that some time in the near future there will be glitter on those flower petals...

I showed Lisa how to use Mirror Paint which is one of those spray paints that you must be patient with. It says apply using thin coats, but what the directions leave out is that it will look crappy for at least a couple of the coats but keep going. We started with some wee little glass containers and sprayed the inside. Aren't they pretty!

She stayed for dinner and a campfire and we were so sorry to see her go. THE MAN said later it was like we had known her for a very long time. So fun!

Speaking of someone I'd love to meet in REAL LIFE, it's the legendary Sian From High in the Sky. She is our host for Memorandum Monday!

Happiest of Mondays to you and safe travels back to AZ, Lisa!


  1. Fabulous photos and sounds like a great time.. the jars look superb and I hope the tootsies did not get fried near the fire!! have a wonderful week!

  2. Great pictures. Looks like you had a fun time.

  3. How FABULOUS! I love nothing more than meeting scrappy peeps in Real Life!!! And look at you doing a bit of crafting and all!!! Good on you!!!

  4. Well how neat is that! Looks like you guys had a blast together. TFS!! :-)

  5. Wowzer...sounds like you all had a great time...

  6. Wowzer...sounds like you all had a great time...

  7. We'd love to see you over here! You are welcome any time.

    That mirror paint sounds really cool. I've never seen that before, so I've learned something new today :)

    Wishing you a great week ahead

  8. You are soooooo funny! Legend. That is definitely way too big of a word for This was one of my very favorite vacation days....I had so much fun. As always I learned much from my creative mentors and can't wait to start spray painting away! Of course I have a couple assignments to finish first and I must finish what we started while we visited. But very soon I'll have stories of giant messes...stray paint splashes that get me into trouble ...and where to store my new supplies....oh... Thanks so much!! Definitely an epic day!

  9. I'm a big fan of Lisa's - you are so lucky to meet her and hang out! What fun you had!


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