Friday, August 5, 2016


I really do enjoy making Christmas cards. Each year I tell myself I'm going to start them a little earlier so I don't have a marathon session of cutting and gluing. Is August early enough? Thank you Regina from THE CUTTING CAFE for giving me a little kick in the pants and asking for a Christmas in August project! The little mitten shaker is from the Christmas Shape Shaker Card collection. I set up the Silly to print three sheets so I have plenty!

(Side note:  so weird to be taking this photo without snow in it!)

 I used just glitter in my shaker. Trying to go for the more flat concept making cards! They always give me THE LOOK at the post office when I drop off 25 bulky envelopes. Those little ferns were upcycled from a Christmas piece I got at the Corning ReStore. It's pretty big so I will have plenty of foliage to use when I make the rest of my cards and start projects.

I even have a set of clear stamps ordered for the return address label. Regina over at the The Cutting Cafe Shop makes those too! Lexi and I designed them and she got them made & sent to me. So cool.

Can't wait to make the rest of these! I might tweak the design up a little. For one thing I need to get my hands on more paper...I think I've finally busted through the Christmas card paper stash...oh such troubles!

Have a Happy Friday!


  1. Love these! And great idea to make them flatter with just glitter. I must try this. And your stamp looks great on the back. What a cool touch! Well. I had thanksgiving in July so Christmas in August sounds just about right!

  2. first off you know i LOVE EVERYTHING you do....secondly anything from you is HAPPY MAIL so the custom stamp on the envelopes to....

  3. Wow! You've used up your Chrissy paper? WAAAY that shaker mitten. VERY clever & hahahaaaa...... don't speak too soon, the snow will arrive before you can blink, I'm sure!!!

  4. now that's thinking ahead. That stamp is wonderful! It really is a perfect finishing touch

  5. It is never too early to start on chrissy cards... the way the year is flying by.. these look great.. love the gloves and great papers! and if you have run out of papers, well you just might have to get some more!!!

  6. Mitra! YOou always have the best ideas!! These are awesome I love how you used a "vintage image" as the back for the shaker cards. I also like htat you used the shaker as a PART of the card. Clever. There is a lot oflove labor in these Cmas cards!
    Krista Hong from the DT

  7. Lovely vintage shaped cards! LOVE Them!!


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