Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Memorandum Monday: Toes and Traveling

I had great plans of writing this post on Sunday night, which is when I always write it. It would be really hard to write something about the weekend say like on Friday night when it's still looking bright and shiny and full of promise.

Instead our plane got in late (thanks Delta!) and then we ate and then I crashed hard on a hotel bed full of white blankets and pillows. Of course I tossed and turned a little since a big dog wasn't helping me sleep and I knew I had to register and go across town on the PeopleMover. We've got a conference here in Detroit and it's already Wednesday! See this is how you know something is really going well, when you have to think about what day it is.

It's not been all busy though. I am enjoying the various rooms where I have my training session. We get long breaks and time for chatting and coffee. So far I've learned a ton of things. I'm working in a new industry and it's all new to me. Pretty awesome.

Talking about Trump, not that I want to...but he was here in Detroit and at the same hotel some of the training is for our conference....Hilary is here tomorrow for good measure. So anyhow, tell me the truth...I am sure all you peeps not from the US are having a bit of a chuckle at the Hot Mess Reality show our elections are here....It's OK, I think we deserve it.

This past weekend we were camping, because yes normal people would schedule a big camping trip and then go away for a week. To be honest, camping was scheduled before the trip or job for that matter, but we could have moved it around a smidge. No need though, it has all worked out.

Got to relax there too! We were on the bank of West Canada Creek and the sound of the rushing water was the most enjoyable part. Anyhow I'm off to hit Wednesday hard. I am missing the boys back at work who are painting today but I'll try to struggle through it!

Waving a little toe at Sian From High in the Sky who hosts us for Memorandum Monday.


  1. It's not much more of a mess than everyday politics in N Ireland! We get used to ignoring it all here (whether that's good or not I still don't know after all these years). It sounds like you are having an exciting time learning new things

  2. Oh yes... a hotel room alone... one of my favorite have a great rest of your week!

  3. My camping adventures got cut short this past weekend too by a late trip by my man for work. He is in Chicago. Delta troubles too. Those at home are missing you, I'm sure. It's a whole family event when a parent leaves for a week!!!

  4. Lots of occasions to have your feet up - splendid!


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