Sunday, August 14, 2016

Memorandum Monday: Back to Normal and Big Ass Blooms

I'm actually giving you a sneak peek of a project I'll be blogging about this's a real rock star if that helps give you a hint!

I just got back from a week away in Detroit, Michigan for NeighborWorks training for my new job. I hung with my boss and some peeps we collaborate with. Lots of learning and a tour of the city. As much fun as it is to be away, it's awesome to get home and back in your groove. I turned into a homebody and spent some time working with my hands.

This weekend was spent doding raindrops and I hung out mainly in the garage! I did venture out for some grocherying, but only because the kids claimed we didn't have any food. Really I think they felt we were out of cookies, but anyhow...

While I worked on my project, THE MAN worked on building a bike rack for the truck. We'll use it camping and he picks Luke up a lot after track. Part of Luke's workout is to ride down to the school from the house.

I did also want to show you a photo I took for you peeps. Big Ass Blooms. Are they not epic? Check out the floor and the wall for scale. I spotted them while touring a revitalized church. They decorate the former nave which is now used for Zumba. Three generations of women come daily for a Zumba class and the building is full of energy.

Detroit is a tough place to visit. It's a city in decline and so many houses, businesses and big buildings are in decay. I leaned that 200 houses a week are taken down. Others are burned out and schools sit empty. Yet, there is hope as places are rebuilt and rehabbed. I could feel that hope as I walked through the former church where women now meet and work their body as well as their spirit. I'll leave you with these happy flowers and hope you have a most awesome week!

Waving to Sian From High in the Sky who is off on Holiday for a bit but I am sure will be around at some point to see what we're sharing.


  1. They are awesome flowers.. wow.. and a busy week for you by the sound of it!

  2. Glad you learnt stuff while you were away - but if you're like me, there's no place like home!!! LOVE those big blooms. And I hope your side of the country neve suffers like Detroit seems to have. Very sad:(

  3. Enjoyed your photos! (And yes, poor Detroit, but I keep hearing positive things. So here's looking to the future.) Have a wonderful week, Mitra! (By the way, you are the winner!)

  4. Oh yeah! I saw that you won the paper sweeties on loris blog! Enjoy your sequins! Here's to hope and revitalization!


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