Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Knoebles Layout: One for me and One for Teri

It's always nice to make a page for someone else. In fact, it's even nicer to just steal their photo, print two of the same background photos and then fancy them up a smidge differently so you don't get bored...Of course finding the same set of letters and having enough isn't likely so you'll have some variation there too...

I made the page with the pink for Teri as that is her little person in the middle sitting between Lexi and her friend Kayla. Just a simple flat page, but I used a bit of that shimmer spray that you can't see that makes it sparkle...so pretty!

I figured out later that I used the purple to match Lexi's shirt on mine...isn't that weird. I do love that paper. It's a pack from Close to My Heart that I have been hoarding with all the berries...so delicious!

Hope your Tuesday is awesome! I'm off to class today at this conference in Detroit!


  1. Detroit! Seriously? You do get around! Great pages. Subconscious at work with the colour combos I thinketh. LOVE them both. Love that you're getting out and about this summer when you can & really enjoying your camping!! Good on you:):)

  2. So sweet. My little person so loves Lexi. Beauty of a page. Thanks so much Mitra!


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