Thursday, August 4, 2016

Rose Bag Tag for Angel's Wedding & LESSology

Do you have a collection of little bags? I do and they seem to multiply when I'm not looking. Sneaky little things! It occurred to me the other day to use one as a tag after I prettied it all up with a huge hand made bloom and a doily. This is one project that really didn't take all that long, used up one of those bags, and is useful! You could even put the card inside and the plant tag.

I had several large vintage leaves hanging around, that epic hand made white flower with rhinestone center, and a hot pink doily that matched the rose. It was as simple as hot gluing them on the bag. Since this pretty plant was our present for an outdoor wedding, I added the burlap around the bottom of the plant to match one of the flowers and some cool vellum sentiments. Angel scrapbooks with me, so there is NO DOUBT IN MY MIND that she will either reuse the bag in some way shape or form or the flower gets added to a page. ;-)

Angel's Wedding was epic. Even though it hasn't rained here in what seems to be months, it downpoured. It's my second outdoor wedding ever in the rain and both were cozy and romantic under the tent. Not to mention you could watch the grass get greener by the minute. Don't worry, I have tons of cool photos to share with you from her day, but I'm making a page...and you'll see them then!

Our current challenge over at LESSology is to upcycle a bag and I bet you have a few hanging around, I'd love to see what you create!!

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