Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Rock Star Guitar and Mommy is a little Nutz

Everyone needs two large art projects in the week before they are leaving for camping, trying to do a new job to the best of their abilities, and also leaving the week after to go to Detroit for a conference. I mean, don't they? Lexi and I took over THE MAN's garage, left black feathers on the work bench and mirror shards on the floor up by the tractor. Not to mention, there is still the other Hot Pink Mess (which is now black) yet to finish up. The fact I am still married is an ode to the long standing fortitude THE MAN has. So, let us give him a brief moment in the spot light here and thank him for sharing his space and abilities...

Let's not get too crazy though, we have pictures to look at....

So they are having a contest at the Corning ReStore. Basically the gist of it is that they allow you to pick out items for free that you then make into something lovely that they auction off. They have prizes for the winners, so Lexi was ALL IN when she heard the word prizes. And when I mean in, her Dad actually mentioned that there wouldn't be a lot of time and all that but she was on it like a bulldog on a hot dog with ketchup.

John helped her pick out this guitar that was really nothing special. A student model with a broken string. She decided to spray paint it silver and then do a galaxy theme painted front just like the Be A Rock Star container she painted a while ago. It's pretty epic...including the Tim Holtz clear pretty! She even went as far as asking at the local music store Marich Music how much it would cost to restring the guitar and he donated his labor for free! So, this guitar is ready to rock and roll!

She tried to add black wings on it too, but due to some issues with rivets and timing, we kinda gave up. It still looks like a crow exploded in the garage so I think she has some shop vac work to do on the work bench...

I have a project that I worked on...I'll share that in a bit...that is where the mirror shards on the floor came in!

Happiest of Hump Days and a huge hug to THE MAN who puts up with squirrel behavior the week before camping & conferencing...and also feathers on a work bench.


  1. WOW. is all I can say!!!! Really cool.

  2. Lol. You guys are nutz! Love the guitar Lexi!

  3. Nothing like throwing a few extra bits into the works before vacation time! Looks like your girl is taking after mumsy! Poor old hubby will have to get used to TWO pesky women in the work shed I reckon;)!!!!


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